Clouds thoughts on the RR. (SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Cloud, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Ok so just finished the RR and managed to avoid all spoilers before doing so here are my thoughts.

    ADR vs Big Show

    Nice segment with Brett Hart, ADR and RR enjoyed seeing Brett giving his shades to RR and calling ADR the Mexican Brett Hart.

    The match I ecpected to be a suckfest but was pleasantly surprised. A few good moments such as ADR going through the table, ADR managing to look strong throughout and Big Show still being fairly convincing as the largest athlete in sports entertainment.

    A few suck moments were ADR and the stupid hurricanrana on Show looks so poor wish they would stop doing it as not convincing. Also the ending hugely annoyed me loved ADR retaining but hated the tsping Big Show down to win just felt such a hollow victory and I hope its the last of Show we see for a while for this reason as they struggle for convincing ways for ppl to beat him. Plus he bores the tits of me these days.

    Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars

    Pretty good match between these two again always fairly entertaining. Just a shame the tag division is dead. Comedy segment at the end between DB and Kane got a few laughs and wasnt too bad either. Just wish they had a legitimate challenger for the title.

    The Rumble

    Jericho coming out at 2 was awesome and imo the biggest crowd reaction of the night and you could see Jericho loved every second and was legit smiling in the ring great moment for me.

    A lot of the main guys, high end of the card came in early in the RR meaning the match was quite slow paced without many eliminations to keep ppl in the ring. Also felt like WWE wanted a fullish ring towards the end for certain ppl to clear like Ryback, Orton and Sheamus if i remember rightly.

    Goldust returning to fight Cody was a smart move and had a few good moments. Seeing The Godfather was also great.

    Was annoyed with all of 3MB being involved also Khali and Sin Cara were wasted spots to me also. Khali's headbutts were shocking you could recieve more damage of a fly. Would've liked Generico instead of Cara but wishfull thinking on my part.

    Bo Dallas did well however so positive there well done that man. Orton was entertaining as was Barrett. Ryback cleared house as well an looked quite strong only to fall at the last hurdle giving Cena the win was very unhappy about that as really Cena again. Boo.

    Kofi did well but was pointless him making the pretty cool save only to get eliminated straight away devalued the moment.

    Cesaro did ok as well but there wasnt much spectacular from anyone really.

    Also there were too many non moments in the match where nothing was happening plus how many saves do you need in a RR. It should be spectacular when someone nearly goes out and saves but it was overdone to death this year and they need to really work something out to entertain next year.

    CM Punk vs Rock

    Rock had no match fitness for this and it showec. Was a poor main event with a negative Shield and VKM impact and then the predicted Rock victory. Not much to say bout it has left a sour taste in my mouth and was hugely disappointed with this match. Honestly The Rock looked weak apart from taking a massive beating had very little offence and it made Punk look weak from going down of a crummy ppl's elbow after the beating Rock took.

    Overall the RR was ok but needs a lot of work for next year.

    Also how many guys had legit injuries? Miz? Rock? Punk? Seemed like they were dropping like flies.
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