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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. There have been rumors here and there about WWE wanting to add some members to the Bullet Club's WWE rite. Who do you think should or who do you want to be those new club members in WWE? Do you think the Club should be more than 3-4 people?
  2. The Club should stick to being about 3-4 people. Stables should never grow too big since most promotions have no idea how to handle a group that big
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  3. Looking at Raw, here is what The Club could look like.

    Finn Balor
    Karl Andersen
    Luke Gallows

    Makes sense, but looking at the Raw roster there is one person who could maybe work.

    If they build The Club up as a group who stands against the establishment and do what they want, there is one person that could join and do well. Who has been held down constantly? Who drafted him late? Who has a right to be pissed off but also needs something to uppercut that glass ceiling? Cesaro. I know he doesn't have that Japenese cred, but he can still fit in with what The Club could be. A group of men who are focused on kicking ass and causing mayhem. Do I prefer the main 3? Probably, but of the people on Raw who were not in Bullet Club, Cesaro fits well.
  4. Except that gimmicks does not fit with Cesaro's "the professional" gimmick. Heel or face Cesaro is the consumate professional it seems
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  5. Some do fine but end up getting ruined. Like to me, Nexus did very well in the beginning, like I loved watching them but by the time Punk took them over, they were all but ruined.
  6. Nexus was dead post Summerslam. The moment the new shine wore off Vince stopped having an idea for the entire group and some guys just were members for the sake of being members. And that should never be a case in any stable
  7. Well, that is true. Just saying they did do well in the beginning but like you said... Likely due to being the new shiny toy. Ehhh. I've got nothing. I guess no stable with more then 4 ever does well for long.
  8. Fair point. Although, it would be nice for his character to have this edge because he never really had it. When he first started, he was just the guy with rugby socks who uppercutted people to death and had a really long US title reign. Then he was a "Real American" then got lost in the midcard over and over. It may not fit with him now, but it is just an idea.
  9. One does not need to become a hooligan to have an edge to them tho. They just need to establish that Cesaro has a limit to what he can take before he snaps. They are already lifting heavily from Bond with his current gimmick so no reason to not lift the fact that he is a gentleman with an edge as well
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  10. The Club should rip-off Bullet Club entirely and have 116 members in their faction!!!
  11. It would be cool to see that on the Smackdown roster with AJ and two new guys, Balor with Gallows and Anderson. Separate versions of the same group on both shows.
  12. This if anything. As long as they don't overdo it and we get 1999 NWO where everyone on the roster was part of it
  13. Gargano and Ciampa as well as The Revival could do well in being introduced into the main roster under the Club. It's pretty obvious that we're gonna get a Club vs Team Cena Survivor Series match if these rumours are true.
  14. I say make Owens the new leader of the club and have him feud with Balor over the title. Could be some very entertaining promos from those three
  15. No to all