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    You mad, @[Randy Savage]? :umad:
  2. Look at his wrestling abilities.

  3. who was the user here that was CMDrunk? that name was greatness personified.
  4. Seabs :trolldance:
  5. That was me until I changed my name :jeritroll:
  6. You're my buddy no matter what, but that name made me :dawg: and it made :pity::serious:


    stop with the hot girl posts virgin. We like you better as a man. I'm here to help, because you are so much better than the random girl post, as well as the random dude. If you want a girl avatar, have it be eve's ass and a sig that posts natalya naked please.
    Otherwise? Go back to being a man, as you are one of the few here.
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  7. I was trolling it was really Seabs, thought I'd steal credit lol. I amuse myself.
  8. JERK r'albin. Seabs i love you, but you were 1000th raw worthy legendary status as CMdrunk. @RandySavage. @SandyFappage.
  9. Yo CM Punk I heard you started drinking, so I got you a theme song about drinking, while you're drinking, while the singer drinks :dawg:
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  10. :win::boss1:
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