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  1. It's not really a BIG deal to me, but for historical purposes I think it's something a lot of WWE only fans need to hear. This is why I rock my sig, and why I give CM Punk shit sometimes (Although he is great imo) "I stole it from bryan danielson, jericho stole it by bryan danielson"
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  2. How does someone "steal" such a generic nickname anyway? Many call themselves the best or make references to being the best in the world without making it a nickname for themselves. It's not like it's an exclusive gimmick or anything.
  3. It's not a big deal, just trying to show gohan. He admits to it, and it is what it is.
  4. The biggest issue I have with this stuff is Punk's most famous ROH promo had him saying he was better than them all a year before Danielson adopted the moniker.
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  5. I think he's talking more about the gimmick, not "who said it first". Pretty sure loads of people said it before Punk and Bryan were even alive. lol

  6. Even so it's such a generic gimmick it's pointless saying who adopted it first, hell Punk's entire Summer Of Punk angle was based upon being the BITW with the most important belt in America lol.
  7. Punk admitted it though. How can we argue for him if he admits it's jacked?
  8. B/c CM Punk is not going to said in real life that he the best that would make him look like am ass! so that why he said it. but we ALL KNOW THE TRUE CM PUNK IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

  9. A wild Gohan appears!
    Danielson uses Proof!
    It doesn't affect Gohan...
    Gohan uses Caps Locks!
    It's super effective!
    Critical Hit!
    Danielson fainted!
    Daniel Bryan ran out of IWC fans!
    Daniel Bryan whited out...
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  10. and gimmick is different for the really thing! CM PUNK THE BEST IN THE WORLD B/C HE IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD TODAY!

  11. That is very untrue,there are many wrestlers that surpass Punk when it comes to in-ring skill.
  12. name 10 of then! good luck like thinking b/c u will not be able! :pipebomb: !
  13. 1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Chris Jericho
    3. Tyson Kidd
    4. Chris Benoit
    5. Kurt Angle
    6. Shawn Michaels
    7. Bret Hart
    8. Austin Aries
    9. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    10. Samoa Joe

    Good fight Gohan.
    Those weren't in order btw. Just random
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  14. (Not in order)

    1. Antonio Cesaro
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Yoshi Tatsu
    4. Austin Aries
    5. Suicide
    6. Christopher Daniels
    7. Samoa Joe
    8. Chris Jericho
    9. Kassius Ohno
    10. Alex Shelley
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  15. I got what I wanted in this thread. Gohan hearing what needed to be heard. Now we all know that he's in the nile
  16. OH HELL NO! half though guys are retired! we talking about today not all time! everyone know Randy Savage was the best wrestler of ALL TIME!
  17. CM PUNK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!! CASE CLOSED!
  18. Anybody who thinks Punk is better then Byran in ring must have worst eye sight then Stevie Wonder.
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  19. who in the blue hell is that!?bryan great but he not better then cm punk!
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