CM Punk after WM?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. What do you think he should do after WrestleMania going into Extreme Rules?
    Who will he feud with?

  2. Hmm maybe turn face and feud against .... Cesaro?
    And then Lesnar


    Wouldn't mind a Bryan vs punk till SSlam
  3. Get some time off.
  4. You can choose many routes.
    Kane, Lesnar, Sheamus, Bryan, ect.

    You just need a sense on what he might react like after he loses against Taker.
  5. Sheamus- No, cause he'll be busy with Orton
    Barrett- Maybe
    Henry- No, poor Punk...
  6. I can see Punk going after Kane if he loses to Taker, trying to take out the deadman's brother. I can see him going after Lesnar as well. If he wins I see him going after Cena(Even if Vince isnt high on the feud). I really don't know what he could do, maybe he could also get some time off as well since he's been on a heavy schedule for the past couple of years.
  7. He should take some time off. It's known (or speculated) that Punk is not at full 100% health but is pulling through because it's Wrestlemania season. After his long reign and losing a bunch of times in a row, some time off after Wrestlemania to cool his jets would probably be best.

    I made a thread a short while ago saying it'd be cool to see two of the big matches at Wrestlemania being combined into a tag match at Extreme Rules (Punk/Brock vs Triple H/Undertaker.) Seeing Brock and Punk actually work together at least once would be nice, as would Triple H and Undertaker working together given their history over the past couple of years. Imagine after Wrestlemania if Brock and HHH keep feuding and Punk joins in on destroying Triple H and ending his career forever. Maybe Stephanie even gets involved and Punk holds her down and makes her watch Brock pummel Triple H while he's handcuffed or something, and then Taker's gong hits and Punk and Brock leave the ring. Taker coming to both Triple H and Steph's rescue would be awesome. This leads to the tag team match at ER, which would make for a great double main event, with Cena/Rock III happening at the event as well.

    This leads to Punk and Brock turning on one another, which writes itself, with the rumor of them feuding later in the year and all. They have issues, maybe Heyman pretends to side with Punk but then makes the turn and sides with Brock instead, who attacks Punk and puts him on the shelf for a few months.
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  8. Although I'm a Punk fan, but I have to agree that he needs to take some time off after WM, then return to feud with Lesnar or something, but knowing WWE I don't they will give him a break.
    He has been in the title picture for the last year and a half, a time off now will help refreshing his character and keep him away from the title picture.

    There is always a possibility of them putting him in the Rock/Cena match at Extreme Rules to make it a triple threat though.
  9. Maybe time off would benefit his character better in the long run
  10. Heck, now he might not even make it to mania.
  11. He should move to Mexico.
  12. Vince isn't high on Cena/Punk?

    Their chemistry together is completely outstanding. They both cut the best promos when they're feuding with each other.
  13. That was reported a long time ago :haha:
  14. After kicking out of one tombstone , hit a GTS and then losing with another Tombstone , the stadium should turn off , taker vanishes and punk its left alone in the ring... 2 minutes later he stands up and shows respect to the stream (Idk pointing at it or something ) then he grabs a mic and says he's done .
    One month before SSlam he returns and GTS Lesnar .
  15. I would love to see him & dbry feud. I am hoping he takes a break though so when he come back stronger.
  16. It's not that he dislikes it, he just thinks it's being overdone.
  17. It's confirmed that he will. He was at a RAW house show tonight.

    I want him to take time off after losing, and then return as a tweener to feud with the Summer of Ambrose. @Seabs
  18. Where does he go on RAW... you could have him turn face and have a feud with heel Orton, not sure if it'd be effective after just turning heel so soon though. Ryback = seen, Cena = seen, Jericho = seen.

    Personally I'd like a Punk/Sandow feud. I love Sandow.
  19. I'd like to see him have time off and come back a few months later as either a Face/Tweener and do the whole anti establishment gimmick again.
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