CM Punk and Jericho

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. [quote='RKO - WWE Forums]

    From the best wrestler in the world, to the best in the world at what they do, these two superstars meraculously managed to meet in the ring with eacher other, and soon have a match together at Wrestlemania 28.

    This all started when Jericho came back a couple months ago and played the "troll" gimmick. A few weeks in to the troll gimmick, without even saying any words, it was pretty clear that Jericho wanted to get involved with the Straight-Edge; but not for the WWE Championship, but for the prestigious spot of the Number ONE best in the world at what they do. Both men respect each other, but Jericho seems to believe deep down inside of his puny little heart, that he is the best in the world at what he does, and that CM Punk is stealing that tile from him. CM Punk, a true leader, (My favorite of the two), told Chris Jericho that that's all fine and dandy, but, "I am the best wrestler in the world".

    Jericho just repeats himself with more and more emphasis each time.

    Skipping back a few weeks, back to when this all took place...
    CM Punk was in a match with another superstar, Daniel Bryan, and the match got interupted by Chris Jericho, who shoves Bryan first, causing a DQ, then walks into the ring and performs his finisher, the "Codebreaker".

    This is really when their feud begins, and starts to take off.
    Since then, the only PPV these two have faced each other in what the PPV "Elimination Chamber", where Punk kicked Jericho out of the chamber, and incapacitated him to where he was unable to compete any further.[/quote]

    Another sample of my writing @[seabs]

    Anyways, feel free to discuss this feud, but try to keep any wrestlemania discussions in THIS THREAD
  2. Jericho> Punk. I'm a big Punk fan but Jericho is just a bit above him in everything. I already know you're a boss writer also lol.
  3. Most people know how I feel. Jericho is the best in the world.

    Big fan of Punk though. Just Jericho is a tiny bit above him on my list.
  4. Jericho has been around way longer, so of course he is going to "Accomplish" more... but Punk has more talent than Jericho.
  5. It's not down to accomplishments, it's just Jericho is a lot more consistent. Punk has always been pretty hit and miss tbh, whilst Jericho is always on the ball.
  6. They're so similar in SO many ways. The only thing separating them is consistency I think. I've never been bored of a Jericho promo.
  7. lol at the toy WWE belt in the middle.
  8. It was the only good render I could find.. Lmao
  9. I thought it was the real thing, goes to show how prestigious that world title is.
  10. It is, I never said it was fake, I just said it was the only good one I could find. It's real, but massively shrunken down, so it looks somewhat fake.
  11. Wow, so did I.
  12. So it's a picture of a toy or the actual belt?
  13. This was the render..

  14. This is going to be another passing the torch from one best in the world to the new generation best in the world.
  15. Can't go wrong with either. I don't understand why all of you say Jericho had unlimited consistency, remember his stale heel character? I liked it for awhile, but those hypocrites and parasites where getting a bit old. Loved SES punk, Nexus Punk was meh, loved Hardy Punk and ECW Punk.
  16. He's consistent as he's not cut a bad promo in such a long time, probably going back to his WCW days tbh and he's been solid in ring about the same time. Punk's got the issue of his promos being dull and his ring work being below standard at times.
  17. Agreed with the promos.. disagree with the ring. Punk's by far the best ring worker the WWE has right now in the main event scene. Daniel Bryan's up there too.
  18. I'd put Bryan above Punk personally. Punk would be a close second though with Jericho. Honorary mentions go to Rhodes, Orton, Tyson Kidd and Dolph Ziggler.

    They're just so similar Punk and Jericho, there can't be any factual comparison it's just opinions. Even during his stale "suit" gimmick, he was still excellent on the mic and never cut a bad promo. Punk has had a couple of boring face promos recently after his epic spell.
  19. I've been a Punk mark for a few years and he's really sloppy in the ring half of the time specifically with his botching of the elbow drop and the GTS. Not to mention when he tries to imitate the Kenta rush. He's good in ring but Bryan is so much more crisp as is Jericho imo.
  20. Same here I really enjoy Bryan in the ring more than Punk nowadays. Bryan is usually Smackdown's hope now.
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