CM Punk and nWo

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Vid looks awesome.

    Damn, I'd become a CM Punk mark if this happened.
  2. Haha. Actually seem to go nice together.
  3. I would mark my ass off bro.. Not even kidding.

    Btw.. Another one, sounds like Big Show singing his theme

  4. I like the second one, Timing on sound is a little too slow for me. Visually it's fantastic.
  5. Imagine Scott Hall doing his signature entrance walk on it.. IT FITS! :emoji_grin:

  6. Ah, would be pretty cool.
  7. punk in nwo would be so amazing :gusta:
  8. I agree. Who else would be the members? :obama:
  9. No thank you.
  10. What I'd like:


    Something like that would work for me.

    :dafuq: Come on now.. A new reformed nWo.. Epic + Ratings
  11. I'd rather see something fresh personally. Besides, those combination of guys would not work at all. Punk, Ziggler, Brock and Laurinaitis are just so random - the group needs more balance. Something like: Heyman and Barrett leading with all the microphone work with 1 - 3 younger guys (I can't think who at the moment) doing the dirty work.
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  12. I would somehow like Drew to be there.
  13. No Hogan, no nWo. Reforming it with Punk sounds ridiculous. we already had punk as leader of nexus and that sucked punks better when he is on his own he can be more of a tweener which we all want
  14. Not keen on the concept tbh, the only person with a big enough star to revive the NWO is Cena and even he shouldn't be the one to. Although COP playing then cutting in with the NWO theme is a dope mix of the two.
  15. Maybe Ambrose?
  16. Punk is no 'Hollywood' Hogan in terms of mic skills or persona, and I don't even think he would fit in as well as Hall or Nash did with the NWO concept. I could see him walking around in an NWO shirt as maybe just one of the members but not as a leader. But really, leave the NWO concept dead and buried.
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