CM Punk and Paul Heyman

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Austin 3:16, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. What do you think of CM Punk and Paul Heyman being allies now? Do you like it, hate it or don't care about it?
  2. I like it, but they still have a lot of explaining to do.:pity: :smug1:
  3. Up until now it only seems like something to make the IWC happy, I like to see it, but I want further explanation for why they're together and what exactly they're doing together before I make my judgement.
  4. Yeah they do.


    I agree. I'm liking it, but I can't judge it just yet....
  5. Can't judge them yet, but I like the fact that they've partnered up. Hopefully good things can come from the two.
  6. Just those words should make most wrestling fans need to change their pants out of excitement. So far they haven't been that impressive but that is because they have just started it out and I still expect some really good things coming from it.
  7. Liked it at first but it seems to be going no where, they're probably just using him to get some heat on Punk :sad:
  8. Even though it's only just beginning I love it. Just seeing them walk backstage together and have mini-interactions is a mark out moment.
  9. Like the high-five? :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Heyman can make anybody great, even Mahal but why Heyman is manager of Punk? Punk can have great promos and hmaking Heyman talk for him is nonsense.
  11. As soon as Brock Lesnar quit, Paul founded CM Punk.. :bury:
  12. Heyman isn't really his manager, they're "associates". They mentioned that their attachment is based on the fact Punk is a Paul Heyman guy, a notable line from Punk's infamous shoot. I think something big personally is happening with the two, Heyman certainly isn't there to help Punk with promos as I legitimately think Punk is the best mic worker in professional wrestling.

    One of the few reasons could be to get Punk heat. Heyman has never struggled to get large amounts of boo's, and being aligned to Punk and introducing Punk has helped Punk get boo'd and showed the guys that used to cheer Punk that Punk is indeed a heel now. But I still think something big is coming and Heyman's involvement will be more than walking Punk to the ring.
  13. Well, I know Punk is great on the mic but if you realized, Heyman was replacing Punk in the segments that he should talk. I'm a afraid of Punk not talking a lot.

    If they want to get some heat on Punk, he should talk trash about Rock, about Austin, about Vince, about fans. Heyman is a great way to get heat but that respect thing can't make him a great heel. He should do some backstage sneak attacks like he did to Cena in his match against Del Rio.
  14. Paul always saw talent in me. Something the WWE Universe doesn't seem to. Let's face it, I'm a Paul Heyman guy. :pity:
  15. Punk has still had mic time on every RAW since Heyman was introduced. For example, the promo of the year didn't have Heyman in it at all, it had Bret Hart, Cena and CM Punk. Punk's mic time won't be affected by being aligned with Heyman, trust me.

    Punk has trash talked legends, he's using his respect angle to do that. He's trashed Hart, Michaels, Rock and Austin all in one promo lol. He is doing sneak attacks too, he attacked Cena, he tried to attack Hart, he also walked out of a scheduled tag-team match and a one on one against Sheamus. WWE have turned him heel really well in my opinion. It's the generic heel stuff but they've made it pretty unique so it doesn't come across as boring.
  16. It is boring a bit for me. And Punk is feuding against Cena, fans hate Cena we already know that. Also fans know that Heyman is great for wrestling and the reason Punk get cheered is this. Maybe I cant really tell what I think but with a comparison you'll understand what I'm trying to say. There was a great heel, a lot heat loaded, hated Randy Orton when he was heel. Punk isnt anywhere near him.
  17. Heyman is boo'd in every promo, only the smarks will cheer Heyman. Punk isn't cheered any more, he gets the odd cheer on his entrance but as soon as he's wrestling, in a segment or cutting a promo he's boo'd which is what WWE want.

    Orton is a fantastic heel for different reasons. The booking is different, they're completely different heels at the minute. I think the "respect angle" is too new to critique, it has potential to lead into much bigger and better things. RAW ended last week with Punk having to be pulled off the referee, that could be a clue as to where the angle is going.
  18. Paul Heyman was:
    Austin Idol
    Tommy Rich
    The Mercenaries
    Dennis Condrey
    Randy Rose
    Col Debeers
    Adrian Adonis
    Samoan Swat Team
    Mean Mark Calloway
    Arn Anderson
    Rick Rude
    Larry Zbyzsko
    Bobby Eaton
    Steve Austin
    Don Muraco
    Jimmy Snuka
    Eddie Gilbert
    Dark Patriot Brock Lesnar
    Big Show
    Kurt Angle
    Shelton Benjamin
    Charlie Haas
    The Dudley Boyz
    John Heidenreich
    Rob Van Dam and CM Punk's manager. Who next? Sheamus' manager??
  19. He's not a manager. He's a visionary.
  20. Whatever. :lol1:
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