CM Punk Appreciation Thread!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. 434 Days as Champion, let us all give it up for the longest champion in the quarter century and in RAW history :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:

    This thread is dedicated to discuss CM Punk's historical 14 months reign.
  2. Great thread. 14 great months.
  3. Yeah. He was the boss. And he still is. I hope his reign of punk in wwe isn't over. Still rooting for a Whc Punk
  4. It added more prestige to it, I'll say that much.
  5. Love this thread !!

    Answer me a question, WHY GOD WHY ! :upset:
  6. It was a fantastic and historic reign, I'm quite sad it didn't end at Wrestlemania instead.
  7. Same. A Punk vs Taker would have been very good.

    Well, they should give World Heavyweight Title to him one day and make him have a long reign like this. So that title can have it's real worth back.
  8. Yet still overshadowed by Cena.
  9. Agreed. :upset:

    Which WWE Championship match was the best in Punk's reign?
  10. Against Bryan at OTL.
  11. For me it was against Jericho at WM28

    I was really sad to see CM Punk's reign end on Sunday. He's amazing on the mic and a great talent in the ring so he deserves another chance to be champion of maybe a different championship, perhaps World Heavyweight Champion. I'm sure he'll take a couple shots at WWE championship until Wrestlemania but hopefully he'll just go after new opportunities as well.
  12. His matches against Bryan were as expected top quality too bad AJ sucked the life out of that feud.
  13. Yeah, was a good reign. Sad to see it ended in the hands of a part timer in one of the worst matches in Punk's reign, if not the worst. He carried Mark Henry to top matches btw.
  14. Looking forward to a punk vs Bryan feud ASAP.
    Sad way to end such as an amazing reign
  15. Punk appreciation? No thanks. :rock:
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  16. :gtfo:
  17. 434 days of CM Punk's reign ended by an elbow... :sad:

    I could've thought of a different finish (Rock Bottom for a change), but not this.

    Nonetheless, he had probably the best reign (although, I have to admit it was starting to get repetitive in the close end of 2012) possible. To me that speaks volumes. But he got overshadowed by John Cena wrestling in the main events. I mean, the WWE does it's best to make it seem as if John Cena is more important than the WWE Championship.
  18. CM Punk is cool, title reign was getting boring though.

    Rock is champ [​IMG]
  19. Yep, that was a damn shame. Especially the latter end of the feud. The match itself at OTL was great though.

    As for CM Punk's title reign, it was great, but it was definitely stale during his face run. For a brief moment he turned into one of those smiling super faces that cut really shit jokes; he was still much more entertaining than Sheamus though.

    But when he turned heel is when it became incredible for me.
  20. I have to kind disagree with you. While he was a great heel and it was incredible as far as his mic work, but when he was a face he feuded with many people. John Cena, Kevin Nash, Triple H, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, John Laurinaitis. While when he turned heel, he was mostly feuding with Cena, Ryback and The Rock. I think his face run was good as far as the feuds he had, but his best mic work and promos came when he turned heel, there's no doubt about that.
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