News CM Punk at AP Music Awards, IV with Slash, talks WWE...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. lol now he wears suits
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  2. What a self important douche he is irl.
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  3. He said he'll never get married: He did
    He said he'll never come back to WWE in 2011: He did
    He said he'll never wear a suit: He did
    He said he'll leave if Luke Gallows was released: He didn't.

    The guys says a lot of things. Mostly they're null and void in 1-2 years.
  4. Guy is full of crap.
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  5. He wore a suit in ROH if I'm correct.
  6. lol. He sounded so sarcastic when he started saying Never ever! So I wouldn't be surprised if he was back by the middle of next year. But he did act like an asshole in that interview.
  7. lol what a phony ass sellout
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  8. Looks stupid in a suit
  9. He's lying.
    He wants attention.
    He's lying.

    Even Bret Hart has to be taking pointers at this point.
    If Punk wrote a tell all book on How To Be a Dou***, I'd buy it.

    How to be a Dou**. Written By:
  10. The dude is having more fun the 99% of the workforce. He may seem out of place, but who am I to be critical of that?
  11. He sounded very douchey imo
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  12. "I bet this pussy never even smoked weed." -Slash when meeting CM Punk.

    Would pay for a verbal war with Axl Rose and CM Punk.
  13. Axl wins....Axl always wins :boss:
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  14. :true: At least when he quits he tells everyone...and damages something. And doesnt wear pants.
  15. Or wears extremely tight ones, but still manages too look badass.
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  16. CM Punk = Bret Hart V2.
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