CM Punk at Fresno

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Sporting a new look? To me, he looks more bald and like he shaved his facial hair.

  2. He kind of reminds me of Gillberg in this picture for some reason. O.o
  3. That is not a good angle for his crotch region. :haha:
  4. Guess he just shaved his beard.
  5. Was he not bald again on RAW?
  6. He was.
  7. Gillberg > Punk

  8. OK, so just shaved his facial hair off then (couldn't remember how bald he was last week, since he keeps getting it shorter), but still -- ugh. Just eyebrows then? :haha:
  9. Still looks like shit.

  10. He looks the best with his hair a few inches long and slicked back then with some facial hair.
  11. Man, we do love our threads about Punk's hair on here.

    But looks awesome with the stubble, looks more badass and less random teenager out of the crowd.
  12. Exactly. It makes me kinda' sad when he shows up with no hair. :sad:
  13. :finger: :gtfo:

    Though the "cape" thing seemed interesting to me, too.
  14. He looks like he is trying to be a badass and its not working. The slicked back hair makes him look more basass to me! :pity:
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  15. :okay:
  16. Really, though. Since it is another thread that pretty much boils down to his hairstyle....

    Does anyone else think maybe it's part of his gimmick to change his hairstyle based on who his opponent is?

    I'm having a hard time finding a good photo of it, but I thought during his feud with DB was when he let his beard grow out and everything.

    And with his feud with Cena, he had his hair done similarly to Cena's:
    Show Spoiler


    Now he's shaved his head completely bald (I guess) and shaved his facial hair, which would be similar to The Rock's style.
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  17. :obama: Interesting point, never noticed that :hmm:
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  18. Why thank you. :smug:
    I figured before people got "too" frustrated over another thread like this, I would bring up the observation I had started to make after his DB/Cena matches to at least bring that up and take it in a slightly different direction. I just feel like maybe that's what he's doing, since it wouldn't seem like coincidence.
  19. My god CM Punk what have you done??? he doesnt look good without the beard
  20. The ultimate irony would be Rock showing up on RAW tonight with a massive beard.
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