CM Punk at SmackDown in 2003

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Giving Brock a hand at the 0:07 mark..
  2. Yeah I remember seeing this, love how this world can be.
  3. I've seen that... the world changes, indeed.
  4. Mr. Kennedy is there too. I miss MISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEER KEEEEENNEEEEDY.............KENNEDEEY
  5. Apparently he wasn't even an employee at that time or something.
  6. Naa, he was with ROH and TNA somewhere in that time..
  7. I was watching wrestling at that time back then but dont remember it but its weird to think that in a few years CM Punk would be WWE champion
  8. oh wow... brock vs matt hardy :(( i want to see these matches again.

    found this thread from the Daniel bryan in 2003 thread :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: really crazy how you never know how their career will turn out.
  9. I know this post is from a while ago but he would have been an ROH mainly guy in 03, occasionally showing in TNA. My guess is he worked a dark match for them at some point around this time and was just put on TV as a filler guy.
  10. STFU
  11. Already saw this. Imao at his signing at her tits.
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