Other CM Punk becomes comic book writer..

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    CM Punk: He’s the best in the world—and he’s now a Marvel Comics writer!

    In February’s THOR ANNUAL #1, Punk—real name Phil Brooks—teams up with artist Rob Guillory, joining a star-studded lineup of creators tackling the God of Thunder. We pinned the former pro wrestling champion to get a sense of what he’s got planned for Thor, just how deep his comics cred goes, and more.

    Read the interview and more on Marvel.com:
  2. lol comic books
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  4. So, he left WWE to become a comic book writer? That's just fucking great.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.. I've read comics all my life and I think I'm a pretty good judge of what good writing in a comic book is, so I'll definitely post my opinion of his writing here when it is released. The guy he is working with is brilliant so that's a plus, and from the interview I can say he definitely has good taste in favorite writers as Aaron and Brubaker are 2 of the best for sure.

    We shall see.
  6. What a nerd/geek/loser. Just like D'Z.
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  7. Best kind of people in the entire world :true:
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  8. Depends on the situation in all honesty.
  9. nerds are overrated and gay
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  10. Thank you.. your compliments are ever so thoughtful and show just how inept in life that you truly are.
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  11. got'em
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  12. Good thing he'll only write, because he obviously can't draw.
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  13. Best post of the thread.
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