"CM Punk: Best in the World" DVD and Blu-ray contents

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  1. "CM Punk: Best in the World" DVD and Blu-ray contents


    “Day in and day out for almost six years I have proven to everybody in the world that I am the best- on this microphone, in that ring, even on commentary. Nobody can touch me!”- CM Punk, June 27 2011

    This is not just a DVD, it’s a pipe-bomb! For the first-time ever, experience the rise of CM Punk from his free-spirited beginnings to his explosive transformation into the most unabashed, outspoken and revolutionary champion in WWE history. Fellow Superstars, close friends and the Voice of the Voiceless himself give you unprecedented access to his life in this 3-disc set. From his home, backstage and even his own tour bus, nothing is off-limits as his harrowing story is told. Through this 2-hour documentary and mind-blowing wealth of exclusive, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN special features, learn all the secrets behind the sensation. What is CM Punk like outside the ring? Why does he choose to be Straight-Edge? What does "CM" really stand for? What is the most insulting thing you can say to him? And what inspires his blistering rants on the mic that have endeared him to a world-wide audience? These questions and so much more are answered in CM Punk: Best in the World!

    Program (Run Time Approximately 1 hour, 50 minutes)A New DaySpaceboyBackyard FameTaking to the RoadLaunching PadConstantly LearningDark CloudNot the PrototypeOutcast ChampionHaving FunA ChallengeSaving SocietyFrustrated Beyond BeliefHometown High-Pressured SituationThe MAN


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  2. I'm so going to buy this.
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