CM Punk & Breast Cancer Comment

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. What are your thoughts? I personally feel it is legit as most of these "cure" fundraisers are scams. I just think it is funny how he felt this way and is only now saying something. What a puss.


    If this was posted, let me know and close this.
  2. Can't argue with Punk's tweet.

    Also, to your comment about him being a 'puss' and is only now saying something, WWE would've prolly grilled his ass had he posted something like this if he was still in the company.
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  3. If you truly believe in something, why wait until all strings are cut? If I am not mistaken, dude even wore pink. That is what I am mainly referring to. Sure, the wwe might have suggested it, but he didn't have to go along with it. Something like that can easily be over looked. Not saying something is one thing but supporting it with your attire is another.
  4. I'm not defending Punk, but everyone in WWE has their marching orders to follow. So, if a company you work for tells you to wear pink 'cause they're partnering with a charity group, then you do it, I guess. One would think if you disagree to do so, then some sort of punishment would be in order.
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  5. At the same time though, he would be being asked to go against his beliefs. If I am not mistaken, when Shawn (HBK) came back as a Christian, they didn't demand he continue the "sexy" act. Then again, he likely meant more to Vince than CM Punk. Either way, anyone who is willing to sell out their own beliefs is a coward in my book. Paycheck or not.
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  6. Shut the fuck up dude, seriously. You are calling him a puss for calling out a scam? Get a life.
  7. Wow, no. I am calling him a puss for not doing it sooner. Where is your logic when you read?
  8. Where is your logic? You are calling someone a puss for not calling out a scam sooner which makes as much sense as making a fucking thread about his tweet.
  9. Go take a nap.
  10. I love this response, your point is proven invalid so you have nothing to say.
  11. Come on, fellas. Let's play nice.
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  12. I just don't want to pointlessly argue with a grumpy person who uses swearing as a means to be tough and get his point across on a forum, that is all.
  13. If you were not so stupid I wouldn't need to swear.
  14. Adam, go be a grumpy teenager somewhere else. And sort your attitude out.
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  15. Punk's always looking for a reason to take a shot at WWE nowadays, so he probably felt more compelled to bring it up now than he ever did before.
  16. I guess so, he has always been a bit of an attention whore. I did enjoy him as a wrestler but dude was always a dick irl.
  17. Komen is a scam. About 80% of the money they earmark for cancer research ends up in the presidents valet instead
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  18. In a job do things you do not believe in and he was getting a Good run in his last few years there so he is not a puss but smart. You have to know what you can and cannot get away with and he knows this.
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  19. Punk may have worn pink for many reasons.
    Who's to say Punk believes 'strongly' about this?
    With Punk being a public face, his words could call WWE competence into question.
    He could have lost money doing that if he still worked there.
    At work, it's best to pick your battles if you still have bills to pay.
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  20. What a puss indeed... If he wants to be a miserable prick on Twitter, that's fine. He's been that way for a long time.. The fact that he's commenting about something that has nothing to do with him is a little pathetic. He's either trolling or he's in a bad mood like he always is and wants something to bitch about.. Doesn't he have more important to things to worry about? Like his UFC debut?

    Susan G Komen should be the furthest thing from his mind.
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