CM Punk & Brown = Not Work or Shoot - READ.

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  1. Source: Wrestlezone.

    Take your time and read through the whole thing.
  2. Pointless article really, it's pretty obvious everything he was saying. It's as simple as this:

    -CM Punk pipe bombs Chris
    -Chris Replies
    -WWE take advantage of it and it worked.
  4. I think that Crayo is right, WWE may take advantage of it, because a top guy for them is 'feuding on Twitter' I can just see it on RAW this Monday ( cryintohands :emoji_slight_frown: )
  5. Well it was mentioned twice yesterday on SmackDown :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. I doubt WWE will take advantage of the situation in public, like that. They're just feeding of this stupid flame war, with CM Punk being the Champion.
  8. Man does this irritate me. First the guy beats on a woman, isn't apologetic at all and his punishment is to clean garbage. Also, he then gets supported by some other artist and lets Brown live with them after the incident. Not sure on this but I think I remember reading something about this. Chris makes a song called "Look at me now" after the incident too. In my opinion, the song is to show how well he is doing after beating up his girl. Could honestly say the song is to brag.

    Now, his ex that got beaten actually gives Chris the light of day. That shows all the girls and boys that look up to her, that it is okay to beat on their partner. As well as a bad representative for women. She is a role model and it does influence people around the world.

    I give credit to Cm Punk for standing up to this kid. Especially when no one really has. Chris won't accept because he would get humiliated against someone that won't take any of his bullshit. Sorry for my language. Hell, I wouldn't mind a crack at the kid to teach him a lesson.

    He should be who's next.
  9. [video=youtube][/video]

    Lol the hodgetwins made a vid abt it too.
  10. Would like this if the like system was fixed on this theme, will +3 rep you on it.
  11. Yeah I never liked Chris Brown either way. Props to Punk standing up to him. At the same time I think this is really pointless. It's going to ruin the whole Wrestlemania storyline because this will overshadow the feud and Punk.
  12. I would love to see cm punk roundhouse kicking chris brown in the head
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