CM Punk can afford a loss to Ryback

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by arianna, Oct 21, 2012.

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  2. The thing is, Punk has got to be the champ at the Rumble so he can job to Rock. Taking the title away from him just so he can win it back in such short notice wouldn't be good for Ryback or the title's prestige.
  3. I mean I want Ryback to win a title. But I mean, CM Punk can get it back if Ryback walks out as the new WWE champ.
  4. Punk can afford the lost but it isn't really logical for either man, the feud has little / no actual heat between the two yet as it's a filler for an injured Cena so wouldn't do Ryback much good as it's too much too soon and Punk drops it at a B PPV with little build which is not great for him either.
  5. I have a feeling that Ryback will win because I never ever saw him lose once in a match!
  6. Cough skip
  7. Ryback will lose. It will be dirt but he will lose. Putting the title on him this early will only hurt him and he won't be holding it for long if he wins it. The plan is to have Punk face the Rock at the Royal Rumble so Ryback would only have a one month title reign which hurts him, the WWE title and CM Punk who has a really impressive title reign by today's standards going.
  8. I want Ryback to get at least one title although.
  9. He will in the not too distant future it seems,Vince is a huge fan of him.
  10. Going straight to the WWE title is stupid though. That has only hurt people in the past. Sheamus is a prime example. He held the WWE title in his first year on RAW and that only hurt him. He spent nearly a year in limbo so they could rework him after that fiasco. WWE should focus on getting a mid card title on Ryback first before making him a main event main stay. He is a young guy and management is high on him. He'll get his run down the road. Rushing it is just stupid or silly though.
  11. If he wasn't going to face Rock at the Royal Rumble then they could afford to do this, but splitting up a reign so long (which is mentioned every week) just so Ryback is protected is ridiculous, especially if Punk is just going to get it back by the time the rumble comes.
  12. Is it possible we get Ryback / Rock / Punk with Punk taking the pin from Rock and Cena wins the rumble setting up Rock / Cena 2?
  13. Oh, okay.


    Yeah, I agree.
  14. Highly highly doubt that. Possible because Vince is like that, but that would be OTT even for WWE.

    Rock/Punk has been building now since RAW 1000, le wild Ryback can't just slot in imo.
  15. I agree it would be a random twist but since the RR has always been more of a testing ground so I guess it could work out, as for Ryback slotting in he has the destructive streak and loves "feeding" so would accept the challenge, Rock is egotistical and wants to hold the title again so he'd take the match anyway he could plus Punk has attacked him so he wants that revenge and finally Punk is desperate for his respect so he needs the title as it's his prop for showing he's the best in the world, plus he wants to prove he can beat Ryback.

    I guess it's plausible if nothing else.
  16. The question isnt if Punk can afford a loss, it is does Ryback deserve the win? I believe the answer to that question is a resounding :no:
  17. :okay:
  18. Lesnar interferes at HIAC causing Punk to win and ending any similarities between Goldberg and Ryback with the ending of Ryback's streak.

    Punk feuds with Rock

    Ryback feuds with Lesnar, building up to a WM match in which Lesnar puts over Ryback.

    This of course requires Triple H to not let his ego get in the way and stay with his loss. I'm sure he'll have plenty of burying to keep himself busy.

    Bury Everyone! :bury:
  19. Ryback hasn't faced legit competition that'a why.
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