CM PUNK. Champ for how many years ?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM CRUNK, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Ok then, soo REALISTICALLY, how long do you see CM Punk being WWE Champion ?

    Another year ?

    3 year ?

    5 year ?

    I'm going 5 year personally :smug:

    So what do you guys think ?:pity:
  2. Lmao, 1 will do me. Hopefully until 'Mania so it's 'massive' when Cena finally manages to win it.
  3. I know that Triple H is high on long reigns but I have a hard time seeing Punk holding it for another year.
  4. Punk will drop the title in a few month. Then won't hold it for around another 6-12 months.
  5. Will lose it to The Rock at the rumble.
  6. :upset:

    To be quite honest I think theres a bigger picture here, I think he's got it for another year !
    They Hyped up his year as Champion massively I think, and with the list they had behind him, of longest title reigns, I can see they've got a plan for CM Punk, not saying he's gonna beat Bruno Sammartino. But hey I can see him moving up the ladder :smug:

    But you just never know, I'm presuming this is one of the possible story lines.
    Along with the most electifying man in part time sports entertainment :pity: possibly winning !
    This I DO NOT WANT !

    Or Cena :bury:
  7. Lose at RR regain at WM.
  8. Probably this. :pity:
  9. He's not getting close to Bob Backlund. :gusta:

    I think he'll lose to Rock at the Rumble (I don't agree with it, but I think it'll happen regardless).
  10. In modern WWE no one will ever touch Bruno's record. I'll be surprised if we see another year reign for a good X amount of years. People will eventually get fed up with a massively long heel title reign. The way the heel draws is by being hated so much that they just want to see them beaten up and lose the title, that's how they do it. If he continues to have another year reign, people will think he is never going to drop it and tune out.
  11. Yeah, that's true. I just like pointing Backlund's reign out. They won't even get to Pedro Morales' record of around two years, one year is already a really really big deal nowadays.
  12. If he holds it till Survivor Series 2013, I'll mark the fuck out.
  13. I'm a Punk mark and I wouldn't even want it for that long. Him having this reign has been great but it has stopped some RAW main event pushes, especially with Cena and Rock being involved. Time for something new afterwards.
  14. Has to be on RR or WM 29. Will be so boring to watch his title reign for another 1 year. They would run out stories and ending the matches at PPVs.
  15. 5 years?....:finger:

    He's got until the Rumble i don't like The Rock but we all know he's going to win it...if he beat Cena the WWE'S golden boy what makes you think Punk isn't going to lose?

    Another year with Punk as WWE champion and the WWE will burn out a lot of fans. Not to mention that stops other main event pushes from happening.

    We can't have Punk burying the entire roster for two years. Not in this era. WWE isn't as popular and Vince can't afford to run off any fans.

    So in closing he drops the title to Rock and will have the Miz effect i think he may fall down the card. If he's a second thought with the WWE title just imagine him not having it.
  16. Rocky will take it at the Royal Rumble. If not, Taker will take it at WM.
  17. Really don't think Taker will take it tbh.
  18. You never know dude. Remember the thing you posted?
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