CM Punk Chants Edited Off TV Broadcast

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nero_x3, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Although many of you are already aware of this, I found a version of it that has the chants in it. Not sure if this was the British aired version or what not, but some TV station did air this. First bit is the original, and the next one is the TV one (American one.)

    Whatdya think about this?

    As much as I don't care for Punk coming back, I find the whole censoring chants bullshit. Moreso though, I found it funny that someone did salvage the version with the chants. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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  2. Probally removed for stupidity. Lasy ass worker before he left and got up and left while under contract. Bad New Barrett, Cesaro and hell, even HHH deserves it more at the moment.
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  3. Fairly enough, but I feel that censoring what are supposed to be a part of the show (chants) inherently is completely stupid and suppressing something WWE has been trying to push lately, fan interaction.
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  4. Hmm I thought I heard them in the beginning of the show when she actually came out and then later they recapped it almost entirely with the chants edited it out.. I might've been imagining things but I could've sworn haha.
  5. Sucks they edited out, I agree with Nero.
  6. Marks chanting a jobber's name is bad for business.
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  7. The Punk chants Ruin the promo

    Whilst they shouldn't edit, they can do what they want I guess.
  8. Well, yeah, them editing chants is never that great but since it had absolutely nothing to do with the promo or anything I don't think it was that bad.
  9. Wasn't aware Punk had such a decent following from the U.K; I expect this from a Chicago crowd and a lot of other US crowds actually but hmmm interesting.
  10. UK fans will chant anything and everything lol.
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  11. The part with them in will have been pulled from the live satellite feed as it was being recorded.

    It's utterly pathetic, eitherway.
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  12. Still though, don't you find it pathetic how WWE tries to censor the chants even though they've been wanting more fan interaction lately? Hypocritical and stupid if you ask me.
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  13. Yep, hence my last line :lol1:
  14. Oh I thought you were referencing the chants. My bad :smug:
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  15. The fact that people can't let the CM Punk thing go annoys me, but not quite as bad as WWE trying to suppress what it's own paying audience wants to chant (any offensive or vulgar chants notwithstanding.)
  16. lmao, good. Fuck Punk.
  17. Wasn't it a UK crowd that started the "JBL", "Jerry", and "Michael Cole" chants when the matches are boring?

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  18. Certainly was, RAW after Mania 29 during Orton vs Sheamus, then chanted "thank you big show" when he came out for the DQ :dawg:
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  19. This is an underreaction from WWE IMO. Censoring the chants after the fact is nice, but I say we round up Punk chanters and put them down. We don't need those type of people procreating.
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  20. missed you
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