CM Punk clean shaven!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Interview video:

  2. Finally.... Punk... does not... look like a complete douc**

    Now, if he can stop picking mangy sweaters off the floor and wearing them outdoors

    Being common isn't the same as looking like you stepped from under a fu**ing bridge
  3. He looks really uncomfortable doing media imo, plus he looks like the he could be the third member of Deuce n Domino.
  4. Can't view videos on this crappy thing, so can someone post an image?

  5. Here you go..

    Show Spoiler

  6. It's a slow news day...
  7. God he is chicago like he looks like part of the mafia!
  8. I think he look better like that! But I really does not made as he is BEST IN THE WORLD! KNOW MADE WHAT HE LOOK LIKE!
  9. who... cares?
  10. Let's face it guys, C.M. Punk's look is fucking horrible, he shouldn't be making media appearances as a company representative.
  11. I prefer him clean looking like that. He should limit his media appearances, or at least give him something to talk about, like a good fucking story-line. It's amazing how many times I read "I got back into wrestling because of CM Punk", I wonder how frustrated Punk is right now.
  12. Punk is beginning to understand what Miz grasped five years ago...

    Vince likes clean, shaven babyfaces with suits... they are his preferences

    There are exceptions to the rule, clearly. Nonetheless, I applaude Punk for waking up
  13. He does certainly look different!
  14. He shaved because he said he hadn't been clean shaven since like a decade back at his home and since tuesday they are going to be in illinois he decided to shave.
  15. Someone else has a new look too.

  16. The man of the century.
  17. Still Big Sexy in my book
  18. Nash has stole the show.
  19. Somebody got a haircuuuuuuuut...
    Haha Nash looks good nowadays.
    Too bad he ain't good for wrestling anymore.
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