CM Punk Comments On Defending His WWE Championship On Monday’s Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. Looking forward to the match to an extent.
  3. Love how Punk always rapes the dirtsheets on his twitter.
  4. Well I'm not looking forward for it at all TBH, it's so predictable.

    The Shield will interfere and cost Ryback the match, I'm looking forward to the whole show though, as we will get to see The Rock :otunga:
  5. Well I like seeing people go through tables, so I guess that's what makes me sort of look forward to it. Also the possibility of le wild Kevin Nash run in ofc.
  6. KEVIN NASH???
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  7. Well, that's what some thought before Summerslam 2011. :hmm:
  8. LOL I laughed so hard when Punk said that.
  9. I think I laughed the most when Punk said "Kliq is the noise your knee makes when you walk" or "Your friend Kevin Nash comes running, well, slowly, limping down the crowd" or something like that.
  10. yea when Punk holds a microphone , entertainment is guaranteed :pipebomb:

    I remember when he once told Cena something like : after our match you will still have your big match with Dwayne which is great, you will be in the Marine 4 and you will still have your fans who are gonna pee in their pajamas everytime the think about you"
  11. :lol1: Didn't remember that.
  12. It was during the contract signing for their match at SummerSlam, that whole segment was epic...

    H & Ace were there too.
  13. It probably end up being something like The Shield interfering and The Rock come running out and helps Ryback attack them. Sheamus and Randy Orton come running out to help Ryback while they take it out of the ring. CM Punk come in the ring from and hits The Rock with the WWE Championship, he stands above The Rock screaming "BEST IN THE WORLD!"

    Finally, Micheal Cole says "Goodnight everybody!" :cole:
  14. His line to Trips was the best though:

  15. LOL YEA

    :pity: owning both :bury: & :angry:
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