News CM Punk confirms retirement

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 29, 2014.

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  1. - Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk recently spoke withRedEyeChicago about various topics, and also officially confirmed that he is retired from wrestling.

    This effectively kills all rumors and hopes that Punk will someday return to the ring.

    Below is a photo of the publication's interview with Punk. Special thanks to Instagram user "jeremy1248" for the photo:


    Well. That's that. He can always come out of retirement some time in the future but seems like the dude is actually sticking to it.
  2. I don't see how this kills any rumors.

    For instance I'm certain @Wacokid27 thinks this is all a smokescreen
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  3. Michael Jordan said he was retired a few times... means nothing to be honest. But, I hope he is truly retired and lives his life to the fullest.
  4. Another MJ and Brett Favre incident seems likely here.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Excellent news to start a day!
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  7. This is horribl
    this is horrible news. Cm punk was one of the best heels in recent years
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  8. I reported a message by accident. My bad. Nothing to report here other than my stupidity
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  9. :george:
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  10. Come on man. I'm using my phone. I had a flip phone up until a couple months ago.
  11. Would have been nice if he made an announcement to the fans or something. I know he left a tweet telling the people to keep being themselves or something just as he walked out, but that's it: he walked out.

    Fair play to him though. Get out of it while you're still pretty young. I just feel that some people got too mixed up in it, and fans still chant for the guy, although his character changed the game a few years ago and was awesome, he still walked out on everyone when he still had time left on his contract.
  12. Doesn't bother me either way. There will always be someone new to fill the slot on the roster.
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  13. I agree this doesn't really rule out an eventual comeback but I'm indifferent towards whether he does or not either way. It can only do him good to take an extended break and heal up to the point where he becomes hungry to perform in the ring again, but the longer he stays away, the less the WWE needs him. He isn't really one of the huge stars that's incredibly difficult to replace. And I personally felt he had already peaked and had virtually all of his big moments when he left anyway.
  14. I agree with most of this statement. The WWE always needs good villains though and he was one of the very best. He is smart to get out of the game early, injuries pile up, look at the Undertaker.
  15. lmao life long cubs fan. Man was born and bred to lose. Why isnt this merged with the other CM Punk thread? If anyone else other than a mod (no offense spot) posted this there would be a slight followed by a merger.

    The fucker is finally KellyKelly status.
  16. I'm gonna miss the guy, I enjoyed his wrestling and was one of the reasons I even got back into wrestling. For whatever reason he left, I hope he has a great retirement, it's fair to say he earned it.
  17. Good. Finally everyone can shut up, oh wait no they won't it's the IWC.
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  18. Terry Funk II
  19. youre back!
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  20. Hope that's love :dawg:
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