CM Punk Could Return Sooner Than Previously Reported

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Apr 20, 2013.

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  2. Eh, I personally want him to have a little more time off. He's carried RAW (and the 'e in general) going on two years now, he's been the guy virtually. Without him they have an empty spot to fill. They'll need to take risks and try and make someone else on the level as him and Cena. It's what makes the 'e interesting, building new stars.

    Plus, I'd just love for him to have a real surprise return after months of being gone just to refresh his character up again.
  3. One side of me wants him to take a longer break, but the guy is so entertaining, so I would probably welcome an earlier return.
  4. A time off will help his character alot, he needs to take a rest and completely recover from his injuries if he is to come back soon.
  5. I want him to have enough time off to properly heal. It also makes me wonder if he'll have matches during the Raw tapings in May or just do mic work, etc. and not have actual matches. Either way, I want him to be able to heal, but at the same time I would miss seeing him each week, so part of me is glad he'll be returning sooner than they first reported.
  6. One part of me feels bad for him, the other is screaming "YES!" because I'm going to MITB.
  7. Best news of the year. Hopefully he has a three hour promo the night he returns. Will mark if he mentions TNA or Linda Mcmahon.
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  8. #inb4 new guys think you're the biggest Punk mark ever. :lol1:
  9. :pity:
  10. Maybe he returns at Payback in Chicago, that seems like the most logical decision if you ask me.
  11. And that's exactly why it won't happen. #WWE
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