CM Punk Could Turn Back Babyface After Wrestlemania

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  1. It's something I've thought of before and was reminded of it when someone mentioned the possibility on the Pro Wrestling forums. But assuming Punk/Taker go at it in a Respect/Streak match, imagine he comes close to beating Undertaker and seems like he's close to ending the streak, and then Heyman (the referee would be down during this time) offers to help Punk, but he refuses his help (such as holding Taker up while Heyman whacks him with a chair and stuff) because he wants to be able to say he put Taker down all by himself. Punk keeps telling Heyman to stay away and then Taker makes a comeback and wins the match. Then after the match, or the next night on Raw, Heyman gets on the mic and cuts a scathing promo on Punk, scolding him for not accepting his help and saying that if he did, they could have destroyed Taker's immortal streak. Maybe he even slaps Punk in the face (I'm reminded of Heenan slapping Mr. Perfect in late 1992.) Punk then attacks Heyman and so ends the relationship between Punk and Heyman, which I expect to end after Wrestlemania in some way anyway. The fans might very well cheer Punk after the WM match for putting forth a strong effort.

    Punk gets cheers anyway, you know he's gonna turn at some point. It wouldn't be a bad thing really, so long as he maintained his tweener nature and didn't become a smiling baby face and still acted like a loner asshole, he could be the baby face that people fell in love with in 2011. That doesn't mean dropping a pipe bomb every week because there's only so much you can 'shoot' about, but rather he could just go back to owning people on the mic in clever ways (like the way he owned Nash during their short feud.)
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  2. What if it went that way and Brock attacked Punk on that RAW? Could set up for Extreme Rules.
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  3. I'd like it better if Punk attacked Heyman (like I said) and then Heyman went away for two weeks to a month but then came back for revenge by bringing Brock out to destroy him and cost him a big victory or something. Since there's not two PPVs in April this year, they have more time to build to a match at Extreme Rules in May.
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  4. That is if Brock re-signs.
    Not sure if I want to see Punk face again though.
    Also, there could be an involvement with The Shield.
    Never thought about that yet.
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  5. Punk vs. Brock would be amazing. Plus I think Punk is more of an inbetweener right now with heel/face...He plays a heel, and the smark crowds cheer him, any non smark city he gets booed. Although I do love him as a heel. Plays the character to a T.
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  6. Man I love Cm punk cutting these promos as a heel. Not sure if I would like him as much if he was a face
  7. I'd love to see Lesnar devour CM Punk. Lesnar could literally eat most of the E roster for breakfast. Anyway, not a bad idea but I think a Bryan/Lesnar match would be much, much better. And Bryan winning would do a whole lot more for him, it would be a great underdog victory. I also think Bryan would play the baby face role a lot better, Punk was born to be heel.
  8. I've been envisioning lesnar being involved for a while now, lesnar was the heyman guy before, now it's punk, I can see heyman turning on punk, siding with lesnar and watching as lesnar, as deth said, devour punk
  9. I like the idea, but it completely depends on Lesnar re-signing another contract.
  10. Really like the idea, it'd be very good if things went down that route, I'd love it, personally. Would be a nice way to get Lesnar as far from HHH as possible if we're going to have to watch Lesnar/Triple H II at WM anyway.
  11. Punk is way too good as a heel to turn back face again in my opinion, WWE simply do not know how to keep a face character fresh/ They all end up generic smiley morons.
  12. Given that I see a Punk/Lesnar feud after his feud with Rock and his match with Taker, I think Punk would be turning face soon after Mania anyway.
  13. I already think to many heels have turned babyface already, then there's word of Ziggler turning face as well, I just see it as overkill. I think Punk has used his heel card to it's extent and outside of the respect thing we seldom get promos of variety. That's a good set up, but I don't think it'll happen that way. I could see it as Punk not knowing that Heyman hiring Shield and Maddox, finding out about it, then Punk getting rid of Heyman.
  14. The only heel who could step into Punk's shoes would be Ambrose, but I would much prefer them both to remain heel. Turning Punk face yet again seems to be the most ludicrous decision in the world. Whether us internet fans like it or not he isn't going to draw as a face due to his build, he isn't going to be booked correctly as a face due to WWE's lack of creativity, a CM Punk face turn would quickly result in another CM Punk heel turn.
  15. Just for clarification, I'd prefer if Punk stayed heel as well, just saying he COULD turn face before long and if he did, this would be a neat way to do it. I don't see the Punk/Heyman relationship going on too long after Punk loses the belt.
  16. I think the company was doing better when he was a face. Maybe i'm wrong, but does anyone know how the ratings were before he turned heel? Also you can't look at the ratings recently because of the rock. Maybe slightly before the rock returns compared to that time. I haven't look it up, so I could be way off base, but the product seemed better when punk was face.
  17. I think it's interesting to note that he turned heel just as the three-hour shows started, they had a certain effect on the product.
  18. Yeah, that is true. The ratings will be skewed across the board because of that. Good spot Leo. I guess it's really a preference then, since it will be hard to have concrete proof.
  19. True, I, particularly, thought his face run was getting very stale near the end and so was his face character, I don't think his turn would cause such a difference to the product as a whole.
  20. I agree, his value is going to remain the same either way. I just enjoyed him more as a face myself.
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