Cm punk declines Paul Hayman

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Inpunkwetrust, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. Paul Hayman asked Cm Punk a question on smack-down regarding the raw MITB ladder match. Cm punk told Hayman that he is not his client and that he is his friend and he will not be at ringside during the ladder match.

    Do you think this is a wise decision by Punk or do you think otherwise? leave your thoughts.
  2. Not wise. Heyman helped him get so many wins! Without Heyman, Punk would never have been WWE CHAMPION for so long!!
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  3. It seems as though Punk is losing his trust on Heyman. It depends on your opinion of Heyman whether or not it is a good decision to make. I personally love Heyman; however, I do think Punk is good enough to stand on his own.
  4. If wrasslin was real and I was in CM Punk's shoes, I would still be somewhat leery of Heyman and wouldn't want him in my corner based on the fact that he could screw me by tipping over the ladder when I'm on it. Heyman gave a speech where he swore on his children that despite being a habitual liar, he was telling the truth when he said he had nothing to do with Brock attacking Punk. And I personally wouldn't believe a second of it considering the week before, Mark Henry swore on not just his kids but his wife and his whole family that he was retiring, only to reveal he was lying just a few minutes later... and yet Punk believes Heyman, a man who has a reputation for bold faced lies?

    I think it'd be nice if when the reveal that Heyman was in cahoots with Brock happens, if Punk said he still had doubts the whole time, even after Heyman's explanation on Raw. Otherwise, Punk not wanting Heyman to be at ringside is just Punk wanting to stand on his own.
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  5. Punk's character is fairly certain that Heyman sent Brock after him, but he doesn't want to come out and accuse Heyman of that because they are pals. He is trying to distance himself from Heyman without outright saying 'UP YOURS ASSHOLE I KNOW YOU SENT BROCK OUT TO FUCK ME UP!'
  6. Gohan?
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  7. Well Punk doesn't need Heyman at all so I don't really see this as a bad thing. As Punk said himself, guys like Axel & Brock need him as a mouthpiece, Punk is off perfectly without Heyman though. And if he's just ''a friend'' and not a manager why would he be at ringside anyways lmao.
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