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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi im CMPunk,

    Im here to talk about the real Punk i really think his championship Holding status is coming to an end Chris Jer. Will indeed become the wwe champion i just do not know when post your thoughts.

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  2. I seriously think Punk is winning at Wrestlemania unless some massive swerve happens in the story-line, Jericho is not winning clean.
  3. Jericho or Bryan is leaving with one belt imo. I think it's more likely Bryan for some reason. Don't ask me to explain as I don't have much of a reason why.
  4. No way crayo we all know this he will not win clean lol its Jer.

    I do not think it will be any of them.
  5. Exactly, it's Jericho. He's one of the most selfless superstars of all time - unlike HHH he enjoys putting over younger talent.

    I hope I'm wrong though. Sheamus isn't losing and having 2 superman face champions is boring.
  6. Well i think the only chanpionship that might be lost is WHC Maybe
  7. NO WAY!CM Punk and Shumus will win at this WM28! Shumus will win b/c if he losis the pecent for Rumble winner would go down to 45% as it was at 55% this year it need to back up to 65%! CM Punk will win to put him as the Next big star guy to be in the main event at WM! Y2J does need to win! And he not going back there that long as he doing brand thing in the summer so he gonig leaving or just being taking out in storyline to do as an agree to his contract!
  8. I think both belts will change hands at Mania. Punk will get the belt back from Jericho at one of the two PPVs following Mania

    Y2J and Sheamus will win at Mania, period.

    How's Golegerg doing btw..
  10. Jericho vs Punk isn't as predictable as that.
  11. No, but my sense does not let me down very often, Crayo-san.
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