CM Punk documentary to be released theatrically

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  1. You lucky Chicago residents that I'm somewhat jealous of, take note.

  2. I wonder how many will turn up.
  3. A lot I'm betting. He's loved in Chicago. It will be an awesome DVD too.
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  4. I hope, I'll buy it when it comes out. :-)
  5. This. I know I'm a Punk mark anyway, but I really am kind of excited about his DVD. With them doing the only WWE movie theatrically (thus far) in his hometown of Chicago, I figure the screening will be well-attended since fans can say they got to see the film a couple days early at a special screening with Punk in attendance. Just sounds interesting, and I am curious how much they'll charge for that.
  6. And when you buy a ticket for two, you get a free CM Punk ice cream bar too.
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  7. Ticket price pending, I'll end up going. I enjoy Punk, and most even casual wrestling fans in Chicago love Punk, so there should be a good turnout.
  8. Again -- jealous. Hope you do get to go and enjoy it.

    I'm going to have to make it up to Chicago one of these days. That's on my "bucket list."
  9. was going to ignore but have to do it. What a fucking joke.
  10. You definitely should. I've been to Wrestlemania and one other PPV that's name escapes me right now. Wrestlemania's energy was insane, and they always put on a good show here.

    Besides, the architecture around the city is badass hah.

    I wonder when more information will be released. I'm assuming it'll be shown someplace at or around Navy Pier.
  11. Oh yeah, Chicago is one of few places I've always wanted to visit, but never been able to. Eventually I definitely want to be able to take some time to vacation up there and check out all the sights and such. Would be even better to get to do it in conjunction with a wrestling event.

    Hopefully more information will be released in the near future. I figure they'll nail down specifics as it gets closer to time. Since we've got several anti-Punk guys in the forum, I'll try to update this as more info becomes available.
  12. I will probably have to check it out aswell. Though i have already seen Punk once already at a Cubs game this year. Chicago loves the guy, good call.
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  13. Former brewers can make the cubs good again. I love that. Still, fuck punk, although we got hornswaggle for throwing the first pitch (horrible, he is somehow STILL bigger than Anderson or AA)
  14. I would if I could. :smug:
  15. yeah youd fuck him in the ass. :jeritroll:
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  16. If anyone here does go, take a few pictures! :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Me and my gay buttsex. :haha:


    Or a lot! :emoji_slight_smile:

    But yes, this. That's another reason I hoped the Chicago area residents would see it. I'd love to see some photos and hear about the experience if anyone does go. Pictures are a must!
  18. I'm not watching it anyway. :haha:
  19. Thats pretty awesome for the people who will be there :yay: :pity:
  20. I would good to see it!
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