MMA CM Punk Favored Over Floyd Mayweather In MMA Fight?


Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is listed as the favorite over Floyd Mayweather if the two were to ever compete in an MMA bout.

They’re both inexperienced in MMA, with Punk having just one UFC fight on his resume to Mayweather’s zero, but “Money” is the best at boxing.

The UFC already had a “normal” opponent for Punk lined up in 0-1 Mike Jackson, but interest for that bout was about as muted as muted could be. Ears perked up when Floyd’s uncle Jeff said “we might actually whoop his ass first,” While CM Punk got trounced in his UFC debut, he still has a couple of years worth of MMA training under renown coach Duke Roufus. Before that he was training jiu jitsu on and off as far back as 2014 and got his blue belt in December of 2017. He’s pretty low on the overall MMA totem pole, but still a mile above Mayweather.

That’s what makes Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk a fascinating contrast in skills and pretty much the only interesting fight for both men in the UFC. The most likely result of a fight between Punk and Mayweather is a quick submission win for Punk, but Mayweather does have some advantages of his own. He’s in phenomenal shape, and clearly has impressive athletic potential.

Who do you guys think has a chance of winning?
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what would Conan do?
Attention! This just in:
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Could it be that Eva Marie is a better pro wrestler than Tennis Mega Star Serena Williams? Natalie Marie Coyle, mostly known as Eva Marie in the wrestling world, started training for pro wrestling at the age of 28 when she signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2013. We wouldn't say that she's a well rounded performer by any means but she definitely has more in ring experience than Serena Williams, who on the other hand, never had a single pro wrestling match nor did she ever train for it. Therefor, Eva Marie would technically be considered a favorite over Serena Williams when it comes to performing in a WWE ring.
Should we see this match or should both of them just stick to not caring and focusing on real situations in their lives, whether it be in the ring or hitting yellow balls on a tennis court? Let us know!


The Game
Dumb.... why don’t we take a state champ high school golfer and have them face a pro and see who wins. Odds are way in the pros corner and it’s pointless.
[doublepost=1518972076][/doublepost]Booker T is dumb. He thinks Floyd would kill punk and thinks that because people couldn’t muscle Floyd around in boxing, that punk prob couldn’t take him down. Idiot.

This fight would end in less than min with punk making him tap out


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Punk's spoiled goods at this point. The novelty of him fighting has already gone out the window. If UFC wants to use Mayweather to get some buzz, have him fight McGregor. That'd generate far more buzz than Mayweather v. Punk.
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Pop Tatari

CM Spunky balls has had a career as a fake fighter where as pretty boy floyd has a proven track record as a fighter, but who wants to see this really? just a farce of mma

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