CM Punk gets negative media over Tim Tebow comments.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2012.

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  2. LOL Tebow fanboys. Since when is a reaction on twitter bad media?
  3. So he said a champion wasn't a champion? Is that right?
  4. Oh my god, i dont even know who Tebow is but, i hate Punk more and more every time i read something about him. Your a champion yeah, but in a scipted TV show!
  5. He's an NFL player / religious guy I reckon.
  6. Tim Tebow should tell everyone he's straight edge, because, you know, he actually defines the term better than someone who is a scripted champion. I hate Tebow but CM (he does have funny jokes) is cabbage. Comparing WWE to NFL isn't reasonable, how good were Bork/Goldberg?
  7. Allow Crayo to introduce the world to Tebowmania: The common conception that Tim Tebow is some sort of religious deity or something, and that either criticizing or defending him will bring out legions of defenders/haters of Tim Tebow.

    He's a football player. End of story. Case closed.
  8. Lol Tebow could have told punk that not the tebowers Punk still #Number1
  9. does punk just purposely say things to get people butthurt
  10. Pretty much anything to do with a celebrity trending on twitter results in journalists writing articles on it. Bad media. But is any media bad media?

    I actually think this is good. If I was Vince, I'd have Punk on all media outlets dissing the shit out of celebs. Punk is probably the most quick-witted on the stick in WWE, like him or hate him, he'll murder anyone on the mic without filters. See what he did to HHH, Vince etc. Give him that anti-hero role and he'll be loved. People will want to see wtf he's going to say next which equals drawing ability. Despite all the hate Punk receives (and I hate on him too at times), he's still pretty awesome to listen to outside of WWE at the moment.
  11. No one can outwit Dean Ambrose!
  12. Kind of a dick move though, but I'm not a Bronco or Jets fan, so doesn't offend me in anyway.

  13. I could.
  14. :okay:
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