CM Punk has a heart of gold

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  1. You won't stop respecting him after this:

  2. Very classy from Punk.
  3. I respect CM Punk more now due to this.
  4. I am very shocked, never thought he'd actually do something like this i mean i know he's nice outside the ring but this is definitely a remarkable moment.
  5. It's a nice thing for the kid. I can't say it has increased my respect for him a great deal however, as I already hold a great deal of respect for what he's done.
  6. He's a future hall of famer, a man of dignity and THE BEST IN THE WORLD =)
  7. I wouldn't call him the best in the world tbh. I can see why someone would but he isn't to me. He's definitely going into the HOF. The impact he's made in a year is phenomenal.
  8. I think Y2J's the best in the world, however that's another story. As for a future Hall Of Famer, definitely.
  9. Sad thing is they could still do much more with him. He's so underused.
  10. Punk is awesome!


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  11. Anybody see the YouTube video the week Punk 'left' WWE

    He went to RoH to honor a guy who grew up with some sort of Palsy condition

    Punk is a straight edge, blue collar guy from the midwest... this doesn't surprise me at all
  12. It wasn't ROH it was AAW and it was Gregory Iron who has cerebral palsy. It was a nice moment however.

  13. There is true irony in CM Punk.

    He's anti-authority, yet extremely respectful in most aspects
  14. Tis' why most of us love him :emoji_slight_smile: <3
  15. Had never seen this thanks for the post!

    Really is a massively nice dude! WOW
  16. Oh wow I made a thread similiar to this because I didn't know this was posted already. I'll go delete it now!
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