CM Punk has done it yessssssssss

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  1. CM Punk has done it yessssssssss he is still WWE champion and has now been champion for a full year 365 days he is the best in the world
  2. Still in shock that he's gonna beat Cena's title run. Absolutely phenomenal, he's pretty much a guaranteed Hof'er one day now.
  3. Ryan, choose one image or the other lol. ^^
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  5. Punk is good, If you're referring to his gimmick of being best in the world then okay yeah I suppose given his title reign. If you genuinely think he's the best in the world at wrestling, talking and other aspects you're sadly mistaken.
  6. perfect reply to that statement lmfao
  7. Mic skills then I would give him that, in terms of wrestling ability, no, in terms of selling, no. Overall he isn't the best in the world, and in my opinion not close. He's a great wrestler, and the best guy on the mic they have no doubt, but that's it.
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  8. IMO he isn't really even that close to the talent of DB.
  9. Leaps and bounds ahead of him in the mic skills department though.
  10. He's still the complete package though. Can have great matches, amazing on the mic and is oozing of charisma.
  11. True, but the improvement in DB is awesome on mic and he should have no shame in his game.
  12. His look could be much better, probably the only thing holding him back from being the "complete package".
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  14. Yep, Daniel Bryan is great on the mic. Punk is in another league to everyone though really, apart from the likes of Heyman and Jericho.
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  15. Eh, I like his look oddly enough. I guess it's because the guys that aren't like everyone else just tend to standout more.

    Plus I tend not to really care about a guys look in wrestling unless it's really awkward. When it's like that I just tend to cringe a lot and constantly hate on the guy. You know, like David Otunga :dawg:
  16. It's huge, MAN UP.
  17. I know that, I said he was a great wrestler and the best mic worker, the only thing that needs improvement is his in ring, but it's not at a bad or even decent level, it's at an above decent level currently. It could still improve though that's the thing, since in ring, Daniel Byran is ahead of him.
  18. :sad:
  19. Good man.
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