CM Punk has left WWE.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Dot Net quoting Meltzer.

    Sucks horribly if true, hope it's a temporary deal.
  2. Punk will be back. Hasn't he done this before?
  3. Yeah, he's done stuff like this before, if true, surely he'll be back soon, right?
  4. Would this be an appropriate time to say an Action Jackson line?
  5. Yeah, He's still under contract. He's doing 'Mania 30. But once his contract is up, I see him leaving that second.
  6. I'd say so
  7. loldirtsheets? Gotta keep that in mind, man. Also just Punk leaving out of frustration for one reason or another and this just brushing over in a few weeks seems just as possible. Either way, this is no way set in stone.

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  8. When you replied to the thread I was expecting a witty response like "I was never in the WWE" :emoji_cry:
  9. If it's true, and he left because DB got his match instead, then he is the biggest hypocrite ever. Especially considering how many times he name dropped Bryan, and used him as an example of the real workers getting screwed over.
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  10. dude fuck CM Punk. DB vs HHH will be so much better. He didnt get his way again and threw another tantrum, if this shit is even true. If so, fuck him. Bret Hart of the 2000's.
  11. They should have The Authority come out to the ring and look up at the entrance. Alexander Rusev will come out with a board and CM Punk's name will be on it. He just breaks it over his knee and The Authority will be like "That's the last you'll see of CM Punk's name on Television"
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  13. HHH can just bury him on the mic. It is not a loss for WWE IF EVEN TRUE, and if not, still, fuck CM Punk. Dude is more known for his bitchmade crying than his old title run at this point.
  14. lol it wont load, you already get that shit pulled? lol.
  15. Figures. CM Punk probably reported me.
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  16. what was the original link from?
  17. Just me who thinks this may be a work then?

    My reasoning one Kanes chokeslam through the table gives the WWE a legit reason to give him some time off "injured". Now they are faking a huge tantrum on Punks part. Me thinks it leads to a big match at WM of Punk vs The Authority but with him having time off so he is 100%.
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  18. If it is a work he looks like a bitch, who cries and takes his ball and runs home.
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