News CM Punk hires lawyers to take on WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. All about the benjamins baby

  2. It's going to be funny when WWE fires back with a breach of contract lawsuit.

    You owe the company 6 months of dates and you dare to sue them for some measly game appearance rights?

    Are these the same game appearance rights that WWE talent have complained were much lower than they've ever been before? If so, maybe CM Punk is having it a little worse financially then we all think.
  3. Perhaps he's trying to negate what he owes them by asking them to pay him.
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  4. Seems dumb on Punk's part....I mean he already breached his an he turn around and sue them when he didn't fulfill his end of the bargain? Maybe his lawyer found some fine print he can expose? I would think so cause this seems dead end.
  5. If this 'plan' of his backfires, it's gonna bite him in the ass. Now, I love Punk and he's one of my all time favorites, but this is kind of a dumb move. He can be sued for breach of contract and what-not...
  6. He needs to stop acting like a total bitch.
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  7. As much as I love Punk... I'd LOL if he was forced back to the company, in order to finish those 6 months he skipped, but was obliged to do.
  8. That would be terrible for the fans.. he'd go out and just flop around every night out of spite. I wouldn't want to see it at all.
  9. C.M. Floppy has ring to it doh
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  10. I'd be entertained with WWE that way, which I haven't been for the last couple of months.
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  11. wow.

    WWE pays his bitch ass for 6 months when he runs away never to return and yet he still wants royalty payments? I sense another Ultimate Warrior situation, but at least Warrior's lawsuit's were some what justifiable unlike this flops.
  12. I'd rather they just file a counter claim asking for the money for the sixth months he was being paid and not showing up for work.
  13. pussy
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  14. He aint getting shit, they'll settle for enough money for CM to pay his lawyers and that's about it.
  15. Strange question but could this actually be true? I doubt either side really wants the aggro of a lawsuit
  16. I agree. Just show up to work.
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  17. People sue to get money as compensation, right?

    If CM Punk is "set for life" as he said, why would he need to sue? It's pointless and it's a loss for Punk, and I wonder if he thought if AJ will get any brunt of this? It's an idea that only dipshits, pussies and egomaniac's make, and CM Punk is all three.
  18. Probably ego, he's such a belt hog he even wore it to church.
  19. he's an atheist
  20. Naa he wore it to church on Sundays with nothing else on. Samoa Joe told me.
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