CM Punk Illustrator CS6 Class Work. 1st to see it!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Dec 13, 2013.

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    I have to make a Billbroad, Magazine Cover, and Deril Mail (poster broad size). Here the photo I Illustrator it from. We got to chioce what we wanted to Illustrator so I pick THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD. How you guy like my work?


  2. I'm so using this in Billbroad project
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    OH HELL NO! CLAIN RIGHTS TO IT! and ucan't just blow it up anyway.
  4. OH HELL NO. i clain rights to it frist my contetn now!
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  6. Stop stealing my content. Final warning
  7. What did you actually do to it? Post original image please.
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  8. I don't get it, what did you do?
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  9. Looks like a minor topaz clean edit, unsharpened edge and blurred background which is okay I guess but if this is meant to be college work I would be uneasy.
  10. Looks weird, I like it...
  11. I guess I will be the asshole here.....that is pretty awful (to those who didn't know, you have to click on the profile attachment to see the work). it just looks like a horrible paint job....
  12. It isn't the one in the post?
  13. Oh lord, don't quit your day job.
  14. :nope: the attachment
  15. Gohan Dishinary
    ORAIENAL - Or-Ay-Nul (adj): To give someone anal and oral sex at the same time
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  16. Randy gives me Oraienal all the time. He's great
  18. really? I though pretty good but I gress I made look to cartoonin. but it not like I the programs pricate but I half to wait until next week to fine out my grade. but it not print it illustoator cs6.
  19. It just looks cheap to me.

    I really didn't want to be a dick, but, there just isn't anything special about it.

    I'll still let you put your hands down my pants, though.
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  20. Take more pics pls.
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