CM Punk injury update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. :pity:
  2. [​IMG]

    F*ck that whole storyline sh*t.
  3. I hope it's just a kayfabe injury cause if it is a legit injury that keeps Punk from working in the ring then damn. If it's true Vince must be blowing gaskets considering he is the champ and one of the major draws of RAW.
  4. i thought he sold the bottle like a biss guess not
  6. Guys, guys, guys this is part of a storyline. It's not even real glass. it's a movie prop bottle, designed to break easily. If you watched the show then you would? have seen that the bottle broke as Jericho was swinging it towards Punks head.
  7. Sylar I know that. I've done some theater and even been hit with a couple of those bottles, but still. Better safe than sorry as my mom would have said :sad:
  8. yes I did see that. But I though u me it sound that he was really injury! THANK GOD HE NOT!
  9. It's kayfabe. I wonder where they're going with it though, it's most likely going to be used to "fuel Punk's anger" and make the feud more personal or something.
  10. Obvious Kayfabe is obvious.
  11. I really hope Punk finds something within Jericho's family which will make this feud will the best one ever.
  12. The whole point of Jericho's family cursing is to get the crowd sympathizing to Punk. If Punk does the same (thus lowering himself to Jericho's level), that won't work.
  13. A fun thing to see would be a segment with Jericho visiting his parents only to find they've invited Punk over for dinner or something and his mom thinking Punk is such a lovely young man.

    Farfetched but it would be hilarious. Kind of like when triple h ransacked Randys house only with dinner.
  14. I'd actually sort of like that, as long as it stayed serious and aggressive instead of turning into an awkward comedy.
  15. I'd really enjoy that but like Crayo said it'd be awesome if it got heated up in there.
  16. Obviously this is a key fabe injury to go in the Jericho storyline[/align]
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