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  2. Tyson Kidd marks might enjoy this excerpt from the full interview:

  3. "have worked with him extensively behind the camera. I think a lot of people are in for a treat.”

    Punk also dismissed people who feel he shouldn’t have a mouthpiece.

    “Rick Rude didn’t need anyone to talk for him, and Paul Heyman was his manager. Bobby Heenan didn’t need to talk for Ric Flair. Those are two examples of great duos,” said Punk.

    “You’ll just have to wait to see what happens.”

  4. :yay: Thanks for putting that up Derpy-gave me an awful lot to think about and also kind of made me figure out a few things.

    What he said about Cena(big smile sneaking across my face as if saying "AHA!I see what you're doing-I get it,give the people a good show on the outside-but keep quiet about the "Real Truth Of It"inside,in other words" MACHO OUTSIDE,but different inside-if you know what I mean.

    Don't worry,the secret is safe Punk-lol,besides,who would I tell?I don't talk much except when I'm on here-lol.

    As for The Heyman thing-I get what you're doing-but you also are very well aware of how I feel about that-so I'm choosing and I think it better if I don't say anything else,just keep my opinions to myself,biting my tongue like I said I would.

    I have heard what you said and have given it some major thought and I get it okay? but learning how to get use to liking somebody that is a Hateful character is not going to be easy-you gotta remember-I've always been into Good VERSUS EVIL and have never been much into " THE MAN OR THE CHARACTER YOU LOVE TO HATE"-lol.
    Give me some time-I'll adjust-lol. It just won't always be easy-lol,but I'm learning and I told you and gave you my word as a fan I am not going anywhere.
    But be patient with me-this is a big adjustment and change for me-lol.
  5. Nice read, interesting points about character changes and the mouthpiece part as well.
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