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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 18, 2013.

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  1. I would expect to see Punk back before Payback, Its unlikely he wouldnt want to wrestle in his home town but another option is to have him return, Not in a much but interfere in a match or something. Im just expecting to see something from him either before or at Payback.
  2. "Everything on Punk is being kept quiet....... but here is some bullshit that might get us web traffic"

    fuck this shit. Official CM Punk rumors thread, ect ect.
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  3. I agree with Dolph's. Like most wrestling news nowadays, this really isn't news. This is saying that nothing has happened since the last report that said nothing had happened, stating the obvious, and calling it a report.

    Everything regarding my plans for taking a dump has been kept quiet, but eventually I will have to go to the bathroom to take the dump.
    I am now a qualified reporter for the dirtsheets.
  4. Well I found this report to be extremely insightful.
  5. Is there any news from his stint in rehab? He's obviously on roids.
  6. I think most of the reports are nothing but... I don't know, maybe this is true...
  7. :mog: le wild Rainmaker mark appears.

    Ya reports are horrible most of the time because no one has a clue what's happening.
  8. I wonder what WWE has planned for him if he does come back, I mean the Cena feud has been done, Lesnar maybe?
  9. This is what is considered an update? That website can count on some donation money from me, bet on it.
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