CM Punk mentioning Tyson Kidd in his epic promo was Great.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. CM Punk was completely right last night, how does little jimmy gets more TV time on Raw than a workhorse like Tyson Kidd?

    This young talent resembles why the WWE cruiserweight Championship should be revived..

    An unbelievable talent, the most underrated superstar in WWE today, barely gets air time while flukes like Khali, Hornswoggle and others appears almost every show.

  2. I agree. Kidd is in the Top 5 in WWE as long as pure in-ring skills go, he should be a top midcarder or at least be in underdog storylines more often. But the bottom line is that he should get TV time every week indeed. They should give him some more mic time down in NXT to improve in that category, he's got potential.
  3. Tyson Kidd is a great in ring performer, not so sure about the mic, but Khali and Hornswoggle don't exactly talk now do they. I think WWE is saving Tyson Kidd, there've been glimpses of him and it's a shame his feud with Tensai mysteriously vanished. I'm not saying I want to see Tensai, but a win over Tensai on Raw definitely would have put Kidd over. The only other thing I can think of is that the current divisions are full with competitors, but I expect a Tyson push soon, he's on the radar.
  4. I, also liked what he said about Tyson. I think a few of us have stated how we would like to see more of the tyson type on tv. I'm an advocate for great wrestling over great promos. I say good job punk.
  5. I was thrilled he got mentioned during Punk's promo. I'm hoping that's indicative of him being on the radar, as From mentioned. I'd love for him to get pushed, as long as WWE times it right so that they don't wind up pushing him then being at a loss as to what to do with him next.
  6. Y'all tripping, my dawg little Jimmy is better than cm punk on the Mic, that's why he get camera time.

    Seriously, I've been hoping that Tyson got on the screen. I was excited when he and Justin Gabriel came with their name and stuff for their tag team, thinking they were gonna be in the tag picture at least, but no, they did away with that. Give the man a shot.

    But all of punks promo was true. Even about Brodus's dancing.

    ~Three Said That~
  7. B/c WWE does not GIVE A FUCK about guys then draw! But if that don't build there never going to draw which is Kidd Case which is :sad:. As for the WWE Cruiserweight Champion from what i heard WWE was never behind and never behind the Lightheavy Title either the only reason that made the Lightheavy was to go up again WCW and there Cruiserweight Champion and then buy WCW and keep the Cruiserweight Champion making it the WWE Cruiserweight Champion that kept it b/c that were alot of Cruiserweight at the time by 2007 that wanted get rid of it which is why Hornswoggle won it and the was stripped of it and then queit retired. I don't see it ever coming back WWE is not behind other why it would still be around.
  8. Whoopty fuggin doo lol
  9. I do think he's underutilized and should be used more, but pls no Cruiserweight division. They barely have more than one contender for each of the midcard divisions already.
  10. Aaaaaaaaand he's injured
  11. I'm sure people will remember this promo in a year's time :tough:
  12. Open your mouth.
    Remove Punk's cock.
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  13. Your post proves how much of an idiot you are. lol

    This thread is about Tyson Kidd, Genius :finger:
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