CM Punk new shirt (new BITW shirt)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 6, 2012.


    I love it personally.
  2. That's a shirt I'd wear in public.
  3. Well said, i would rather wear this in public than my white BITW shirt.
  4. Most of his shirts are class. Hope this one sells out too.
  5. I've worn the white BITW shirt in public a few times and no one thinks it's a wrestling shirt which is a big plus imo.
  6. That shirt's quiet nice. I wouldn't mind purchasing it, however I'd just never come across ordering it online. Better than Triple H's new shirt, clearly.
  7. The shirt design doesn't hit home like the other one.

    OT: Do people really care that other people know you're wearing a wrestling shirt? If you're embarrassed to say you watch it, you shouldn't be watching it at all.
  8. I'd wear that.
  9. The more Punk T-shirts you buy, the closer you get to a possible Cena turn
  10. Turns out he wore it tonight, looks good.
  11. I'm getting it. But it's released on the 9th, so I gotta wait.
  12. Not only did I predict a few matches and a promo set which I posted before the show but I did predict that Punk will enter with this shirt.

    I love my life!
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