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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Was anyone else pissed off when CM Punk broke kayfabe yet again and insulted Jericho on his dancing days? Yes I know it sounds as if I'm bias because I'm a Jericho mark, but I was bored of these breaking kayfabe promos ages ago. He's done the same with Miz, ADR and now Jericho.

    I was really excited for the head to head with Jericho and Punk, probably on their day the two best mic workers in WWE. If CM Punk is going to break kayfabe, I really hope Jericho does too. We've yet to see a CM Punk golden moment on the mic where he doesn't break some sort of kayfabe.

    His best moment recently was what? The promo on Johnny Ace a month ago? Broke kayfabe yet again. Before that people were bored of his crappy jokes and emotionless promos. Two weeks in a row Jericho cuts real good promos, first week Punk ignores him, second week he insults his dancing with the stars position. Really? Really?

    Yes I know there's many Punk marks here, I'm still one myself, but comeon. Anyway, discuss.
  2. C'mon*
    I agree also.
  3. It's simply being lazy, whether it's Punk or the creative team I can't say however they've seen the initial worked shoot and following actions got some serious reactions so they began using it as a crutch. They've made Punk a hypocrite from a kayfabe sense, he's gone from the rebel who's determined to cause change into the guy he claimed to hate, the one who's always in the main event. They could have made this gimmick the best thing in wrestling instead they mishandled it greatly.

  4. I don't agree. In Punk We Trust.
  5. I don't agree. In Punk We Trust.
  6. Miz did the same with Ziggler, more or less, when he talked about Vickie manufacturing his heat

    Maybe Miz just made an observation, that he wasn't breaking kayfabe. Open to debate there

    I agree breaking the walls of kayfabe is silly and un-f***ing professional.

    However, the Shovel does it beautifully. The Shovel may as well say, "It's fake" and call it a $ move
  7. I don't agree either. In Punk we Trust.
  8. None of those who disagree have actually provided any point here.

    Miz done it to Ziggler yes, I too wasn't happy about that also.

    Last person we want to turn into :shovel: though is Punk right? He has so much potential and as said above, it's lazy. He can do his famous rants but not break kayfabe. Watch Jericho's first full promo since returning, he was phenomenal.

  9. Jerichos first promo after returning was phenomenal? The one in which punk out mic ed him without saying a word?

    As far as i remember it was all about how he trolled and manipulated the crowd and how wrestlers are copying him. In what sense is that awesome?

    And wrestlers with good mic skills are ALLOWED to break keyfabes. The rock broke keyfabes almost every segment when he was a maineventer. Its entertaining. And i dont see anything wrong with breaking keyfabe, r u that ashamed of jericho's past, or r u just pissed that punk got the better of jericho YET AGAIN?

  10. When did The Rock break kayfabe? I can't recall one segment tbh.
  11. Punk out-miced him without saying a word? Oh how original, I wish Jericho would of done something similar to this 4 weeks in a row. Damn. You're right oh wise one.

  12. I am getting fed up with Punk breaking Kayfabe, it has become consistent and has lossed the excitement of this.

  13. Punk breaks kayfabe cause he thinks it's cool to do do

    He reads forums likes this cause this is where he gets his edgy material

    I can't fault him for it... I really can't. It's lazy, but this is #1 baby-face Punk

    I bet you anything, he hates it... SES promos beat what he's doing now to shreds

    Being a top babyface has its perks and drawbacks. Punk's mic suffers and he knows it
  14. Thing is he's talented enough for it not to matter whether he's face or not. He could rant about kayfabe issues and sound awesome doing so, he's a phenomenal mic worker. He doesn't need to just break kayfabe and project the IWC complaints on RAW, he's over enough as it is. He needs to go back to the "Fuck how WWE is set up" gimmick.
  15. I'm still curious how you out mic someone without saying a word
  16. I'll list all the things that Punk is better at than Jericho in this concise list:

    yup, that's about it

  17. Dude I'm a serious Punk fan but I LOL'D like no other! Yeah Punk is somebody who won't give his own dignity and pride away to the WWE. And the last thing Punk could ever be is the :shovel:

    To be the shovel is to be a brat who wants attention at all times.
  18. To be honest Punk has more passion for WWE than Jericho I'd say. Someone who genuinely cares about the future. You can argue Jericho does too with him putting so many people over, but he leaves willy nilly. Punk genuinely did want change during that shoot, wasn't all planned.

    On his day Punk can beat Jericho on the mic, and vice-versa. They're both equal in my opinion. I prefer watching Jericho wrestle than Punk, but it's hard to split them in technical areas. I'd say Jericho has him on psychology though and uniqueness (I love his rants during matches).
  19. I think Punk's biggest problem in his current character is that, well, he's a face.

    Punk is one of the top guys in the industry today. He can wrestle. He can talk. He can get heat. He can put people over without looking weak. He can be dominant in the ring without being a physically-imposing force.

    His real weakness, though, is that I feel like he prefers playing the bad guy, just like guys like Ric Flair and Scott Hall. He knows that good is basically boring and being bad is fun. Because he doesn't really like being face (he's had two face runs in WWE, as an example; both started out with him being edgy and unpredictable and both led to character decay; the first ended with him taking on Jeff Hardy and becoming a heel for calling Jeff out for his drug abuse…just pointing out), he tends to rely more on Creative's ideas rather than his own and Creative thinks it's "cool" when he breaks kayfabe.

    If he could have more fun and find a way to channel his own creativity into his promos (as reports are that he's one of the few guys allowed freedom on the mic when he wants it), it would put a vastly better spin on things and he wouldn't have to rely on the much-maligned breaking of the fourth wall to make promo points.


    P.s.: For any haters out there, the worked shoot (or, as I prefer to call it, "shot work") promo is an exception to a great many rules. This includes the "breaking kayfabe/the fourth wall is bad" rule. At the point that promo happened, it actually was edgy and different and (yes, I'll say it) cool. But it's not something that should be a regular part of anyone's repertoire, not even HHH's.

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  20. I didn't even see Punk's comment about Jericho as 'breaking kayfabe.' Jericho has been gone for awhile (and was gone for a while back between 2005 and 2007 as well) and so it's believable that he would do other celebrity appearances. So, I saw no problem that Punk made a mention of his failure on Dancing With The Stars.

    As far as comparing Jericho and CM Punk, I'd say Jericho has Punk beat in pretty much every category (and I'm a fan of both guys.) They're about equal in the ring. But Jericho has had funnier and better promos. Punk is good on the mic, but his rebellious-like 'breaking kayfabe' promos from last year got old quick.
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