CM Punk On Same Sex Marriage

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, May 7, 2012.

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    Totally correct and it's great for the WWE to have their champion coming out (teehee) and saying things like that.
  2. Good of Punk to come out and say what he feels needs to be said. Question if how this reflects on management. Vince personally I don't see have any problems with it since his best friend and godfather of his daughter is gay.
  3. Kind of just repeating what everyone else has been saying for years but yes, I agree. It's makes me kind of sick that it's illegal, I'll leave debates out of it though. This is a WWE forum.
  4. fine I will stop ok happy just delete it and I will not talk on here again about it :sad: :haha:
  5. We all know Randy Savage is so far in the closet he's in Narnia.
  6. Randy, feel free to stop posting at any time. You're not above the rules contrary to what you believe with your little tantrums. Also I noticed you called a user a bitch which you have been warned about before, cursing is not accepted here so please stop. Any more will be met with another warning, and any opinion you express which could cause large amounts of offence to our userbase without logical explanation will be met with a further warning.
  7. He should be removed permanently.

    There is no room for him here, or in the human race.


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    Its been handled with.

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  9. I totally agree with CM Punk same sex marriage should be legal
  10. I was saying sorry seab. I not joking.
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    Thank you for the apology it is accepted.

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  12. Who cares what CM Punk thinks about gay marriage?

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  13. My man right there. :burns:
  14. I don't like the fact that gay marriege does not bring any kids. It will ruin our population and common sense views if it starts to spread in the future. Its okay to love and marry but can you still just go fuck a girl and get a kid please?
  15. I beg your pardon, I'm a straight male and don't plan on having kids for a long time yet. It won't ruin anything as the world is over populated and gay people are still a minority, the majority will recreate and some straight people may not want kids.
  16. I don't know I always thought more gay people in the future meant less population over the years but either way I don't really care about gay people and what they do just as long as they don't show their affection near me.
  17. I doubt it would affect it tbh, we have global over population plus gay people tend to adopt or have surrogate mothers if they want to have a kid.

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  18. Flamboyant gay people make me uncomfortable. It is like talking to a girl with a penis. The way I see it, if you are going to decide to be gay, then act the same as you did before you said anything about it. Don't develop a lisp, or start wearing tight clothes that show your stomach and are too small for you. And those hats... those furry hats. Just have sex with men if that is your thing and act like the average man has since the dawn of existence.

    I mean, even most lesbians retain some womanly qualities. Gay men attempt to label themselves by making it completely obvious to strangers that they stripped themselves of any ounce of masculinity they ever possessed.
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  19. You really think gay people decide to be gay? :facepalm1:
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