Cm punk Overrated by IWC?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by badgood_King, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. I think he is imo every wrestling site i go to...they're riding Cm punk like a cheap pair of skates from walmart. Ok sure he's ok on the mic but his in ring work leaves a lot to be desired.

    Before his shoot promo nobody was talking about him...people even forgot he was a former WHC. After that kayfabe shoot promo he started gaining attention. After 6 years?

    I can name tons of guys on the roster who could have done that promo and got over.

    Also Cody,Drew,Wade,Kofi,Tyson kidd all better wrestlers than Punk and they're in the mid card.

    In your opinion is he overrated?
  2. Nobody would have done that promo better at all. That was something off script that CM Punk did, and he hit the nail right on the head multiple times. He is a great wrestler, I think he's better then those guys you mentioned, and he was ready. And lots of people were talking about him, he was still a hot superstar to talk about(non sexual), and he deserved his time in the spot light.
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  3. Anybody could have done that promo hell Zack ryder could have done that promo and got over with the iwc.

    He basically said what everybody in the locker room was thinking sure, that doesn't mean he's some revolutionary wrestler. Didn't he say things were going to change and what exactly has changed?

    Nothing he's become Super Punk just Like Super Cena and Super Sheamous. But not in the main event slot but a mid card spot?

    He's repetitive and whinny his promos are like salt on an open wound.

    He's so sloppy in ring and nobody pays attention to it...he botches his GTS finisher and nobody calls him out on his botching.

    Tyson kidd is tons better than Punk in ring. Well we will agree to disagree.


  4. Farooq's basically stated all my thoughts with regards to the shoot promo above. Even then, there are very few guys who could have delivered it as well as Punk did, and they didn't have the balls to so that is irrelevant.

    If anything, I think CM Punk is underrated by a lot of the IWC. IMHO, he's the best mic worker in wrestling today. He's extremely versatile and even if he's forced into doing crappy babyface stuff, he keeps me interested throughout. His promos since he turned heel have been absolutely tremendous and again, he manages to keep everybody's attention despite the fact he's been getting 25 minutes of promo time every week. The only wrestlers in WWE that I would rate on the same level as him are Barrett and Ambrose, however with neither of them being main eventers for very long it is hard to compare.

    He is rather botch-prone in the ring, however I don't think he's a bad worker. He's a very good one infact. Pretty much every big match he's had as WWE champion has been at least 3 and half star plus I would say(Not including EC). Yeah, on the main he's been paired with great workers, but he's also put on great matches with guys like Henry and Cena who, let's be honest, are no Daniel Bryan.

    I think you're being very harsh with your assessment on Punk to be honest.
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  5.'re joking right? Nobody else would have had the balls to say what CM Punk said. He mentioned Ring of Honor, and other stuff like that, anybody else would have gotten fired since it seemed like he was bashing WWE saying it basically wasn't good enough to compare to Ring of Honor, which also I bet that shoot got tons of people to check out that company too, maybe Cena would have gotten away with it, but everybody else would have gotten in shit load of trouble. And he wasn't a Super Punk that much actually, he sold stuff, he wrestled, and he lost matches. He didn't lose championship matches, but he doesn't win every week, which means he isn't a super anything. And he is changing, he made a heel turn and is with Heyman, obviously something big is coming or most likely Heyman wouldn't be a part of it, he's changed into a full heel now. And yes people do call him out on it, but it's not that big of a deal, plus Tyson Kidd botches too, it seems like you hate CM Punk for random reasons by the way.
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  6. Just a bit... That promo isn't, though.
  7. Over rated is an understatement. Theres a reason why he still takes a back seat to many superstars. He decent on the mic , but no WWE champion. Maybe an IC chump oops champ. But if CM Punk can kiss enough ass to get his title and keep it way longer than he should. As he lets us know over and over again. This is only because of others getting injured or suspended. I do think that the current Heavy weight champ has had his title longer than Punk has had his. Im thinking that Punk is the president of Vinces kiss my ass club , the only way he has his belt.
  8. The thread is a good thread but this post is rather silly. Punk has the 4th longest reign in history I think, Punk was already champion when Sheamus won his so that part is factually incorrect. Furthermore, his mic work is probably the best in professional wrestling with the likes of Ambrose, Roode, Rock and Cena, he's definitely warranted a main-event spot because of his mic work alone.

    He is a better wrestler than all those I've listed above, but I do agree that he is overrated in the ring by many and underrated by some. Look at the matches he's had this year and last year. He had two epic encounters with Bryan, Jericho, Ziggler, Cena and even the likes of Mark Henry. He took MARK HENRY to a really good match, so he's definitely a talented in-ring competitor, as his colleagues have all said. But he's certainly not best in the world.

    He kisses Vince's ass? That's just made up on the spot mate. If you believe some of the reports you read Vince is high up on Punk, which isn't hard to believe considering Punk's spot. Punk isn't exactly a ratings grabber either, so they must have pure faith in him. Considering Punk's twitter comments and outbursts at interviews and live events, I would say he's the main event star who kisses Vince's ass the least.
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  9. The statement where anyone can do the promo and get over is false.
  10. He's in a weird spot, he's a love-em-hate-em kinda guy, he's a B-level wrestler while his marks give him an A and his haters say C or D. His performances always come across as underwhelming but the matches end up awesome.

    His mouth has always been his best asset and continues to be... the shoot was overrated when you actually look at it but when you have someone like Punk making it believable (and the way it was set up, it came out of nowhere)

    Botches are so overrated, unless you're being reckless and are going to injure someone it just happens... casuals don't actively look for them like smarks do. They just see the GTS as the GTS...
  11. Are you a retard bro? It was a WORKED shoot. He had WWE's permission to shoot on them. It wasn't a SHOOT.

    He was not having balls by doing what was scripted, and he was never in danger of being fired.


    As for my personal opinion on Punk.. hell yes I believe he is overrated by most. I think he is good, not great. He caught lightning in a bottle with the storyline from last summer, so major props on that, but just taking a look at his overall skills and his total package, he ain't all that.
  12. They did talk about him before his shoot. Mostly smarks complaining that he didn't get what he deserved, but then again, talking about him. I think he's a very good wrestler, his psychology in the ring is great and his matches are almost always entertaining. One of the best on the mic, for sure. He was out of momentum during most of the babyface part of his reign, but since he turned heel he's at least gotten more interesting. Not a big fan of the "respect" thing, but that's it.
  13. Honestly, yes. And I like Punk.
  14. Nah that's not technically how it went. Apparently he was given permission to cut an edgy promo or something, but he wasn't actually signed with WWE then. If it was a completely scripted worked promo then he would have had to have been nailed to a contract to cut that. Punk has said in many non-kayfabe interviews that he cut that promo with a "What are they going to do? Fire a guy with a month left on his contract" attitude, and as soon as he cut it he walked out the arena. I'm not sure how much permission he was really given, but I think the mic being cut off was legitimate as he went too far (bringing up the campaign). Punk also got loads of props backstage from fellow superstars and such for being "outspoken", unless they're all involved lying for Punk then it's evident that there was a "shoot type" atmosphere involved with that promo.
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  15. ^ From what I understood from at least one non-kayfabe interview was that he gave Vince an outline of a proposed promo that he knew Vince would give the OK to, but then went out there and did something completely different that had not been given the OK. That's the short of it, anyway.
  16. Ah yes that's what it was, I remember reading that multiple times too. I found it quite funny that he just walked out the arena lol.
  17. Punk is a crusierweight talent with the main event title he's a sloppy wrestler who botches his finisher. Why is the WWE champion?

    Mic skills can't cover up that much awfulness. :tough:



    ^^^LMAO Punk fans are so delusional get OFF THE UNICORN! :yay:
  18. he's never best as the other Superstars and legend. He's self-proclaim superstar. Maybe he's the worst in the world in terms of his attitude..he even claim he's better then Bret Hart and Steve Austin and we all know it isn't true...


    there are lot of superstars and esp. Legends which is better and not boastful,and i think you would agree that Hulk Hogan's one of them...
  19. ^^This :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  20. when you say A Champion; He wouldn't demand to be respected...Respect is not being demanded, it is gain...A Champion is someone who is humble...and a role model to look up...



    and you agree that Punk isn't better than The Two legend???well, what if he tried to have a match with The Dead Man The Undertaker???wouldn't it be nice???what do you think???
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