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  1. CM Punk was asked at the Comic-Con panel over the weekend when the new design for the WWE Championship would be unveiled. Punk said that he had no idea, but that "they're working on it."

    Punk was then asked if he had any input in the new belt, to which he replied, "I'd like to say that I have a little bit of say in that, but I just keep getting the runaround. I don't know if they're saving the new design for somebody else or what the deal is. But they're sick of me asking about it, I know that."

  2. They been "talking about it"..."working on it" and there have been rumors about for like the past year and a half. They need to just say yes, its getting changed, or no its not. Giving fans the run around is one thing, but actually doing it to the wrestlers. wth lol
  3. True dat.

    Maybe they're waiting for Ambrose to get the title :fap:
  4. Don't really care anymore, I don't mind if the championship gets changed or not anymore, they are taking way to long with this and I just ran out of patience to even want to know what it'll look like. When the time comes then I'll see it, for now I want them to focus on the shows.
  5. ^ You gon get got!
  6. hurry up and debut it already :shock:
  7. Love the current one tbh. Don't care in how soon it will be there..
    Really thought the new one would be revealed at NOC.
  8. The annoying thing is that the rumors keep running around all the time and it doesn't show up. I think I'll just try to forget about it.
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