CM Punk respect level.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by JasonMaxScream, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Explain from 0% to 100% how much respect CM Punk deserves.
  2. I've got all the respect I need.
  3. :haha: You say that now!but I believe you say differently somewhere else-lol,I believe we've all seen the footage-lol, something in regards to Paul Heyman backstage after a match and saying something to the effect of"SEE WHAT I MEAN?NO RESPECT-lol,kidding kidding-I just like to tease about it-lol, I know what's up and what isn't-but geez-to think I was going to show my respect by getting my very 1st tat when I go to Tennessee after this deal with the arm, a tat that would give "RESPECT"LMBO! Now you're saying I shouldn't-isnt the very 1st tat usually the most special?lol(kidding,being a wise ass-lol)

    well I'm still going to get one-I'm just going to be blindfolded when they do it and my wallet in my mouth to bite down on to keep from screaming and I don't care to watch them do it(I don't like needles-lol). But I want one and I think they're kind of cool and almost everyone I know has one somewhere on them and I just need to bite the bullet on fear and get over it and get it done and over with-lol,my stepdad is going with me when I get it, he already knows what I am getting,he has 3 tats-large ones-one is a heart with my mom's name on a banner on 1 arm,the other is a heart with a banner with his mom's name on it and the other is on his chest a heart with a banner and his granddaughter's name that we lost in March of this year to Cancer.
    I'm getting a name or the word RESPECT! or I'm even thinking of BEST IN THE WORLD!besides,I'm hoping after the surgery is over that will have helped me get over or at least conquer most of my fears-lol.
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