Rumor CM Punk Return Confirmed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Hulu are advertising WWE SmackDown with CM Punk.

    This doesn't happen by mistake. The poster may well have been put up by mistake, but it was certainly designed in-house by WWE. They usually are.

  2. Old poster being used by mistake.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I wish lol
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  5. It's probably a mistake, but I see Punk coming back by WM 35, nonetheless.
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  6. SmackDown LIVE logo was made last year????
    SmackDown moved to USA about 2 years ago???

    Not saying he's coming back, but idk about old poster.
  7. Well yeah the logo is new but that face, I have seen them use it years ago. I think they messed up and used the wrong poster i.e. of Punk.
  8. People still use Hulu???
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  9. Could have been a mistake. Right now I doubt he'll return...but never say never I guess.
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  10. doubt he would be on Smackdown Live if he returned to be honest
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  11. Someone's getting fired at Hulu
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  12. Unless Punk gets his Wrestlemania main event...he ain't coming back...

    Can his wife come back though? I've heard she is awesome...
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  13. Punk was awful for the last few years, and AJ was never good. So please no to both of them
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  14. Shut up bitches
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  15. Punk was best under his straight edge cult run and AJ was her best with Daniel Bryan. Everything after that point was sloppy. They both had good moments but they didn't remain consistently good. Not entirely their faults, we all know how booking and writing goes with the WWE.

    I do, however, blame Punk for ruining Nexus.
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  16. I always enjoyed watching CM Punk wrestle
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  17. Well after that, Punk just became complacent and jaded, so he just stopped giving a fuck about the quality of his work, and it showed. And I never really thought AJ was as talented in the ring (or as hot) as everyone put her out to be. I really thought her only redeeming quality was her character work, but other than that, she was my typical "Diva piss break" every week she wrestled
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  18. I was a fan of Punk, never of AJ. I didn't really pay much attention to AJ when she was not part of the whole Daniel Bryan "Yes!" run. But being that I was a fan of Punk, I noticed it as well. He stopped caring as much. He got lippy. He even started gaining weight. You can tell when a wrestler isn't happy to be in the WWE. Del Rio is another good example of this. No matter what they say and do in the ring, you just know they don't want to be there.
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