CM Punk Returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. Uhhh....

    On his Instagram, John Cena posted CM Punk’s twitter avatar. Recently Cena posted a photo of AJ Styles before his debut in WWE. Cena most likely posted the photo to mess with his fans. To get an understanding of how Cena uses his Instagram you can read his Instagram bio below. You can also see the post below:

    John Cena (@johncena) • Instagram photos and videos

    "Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy."


    Honestly, I think it is a reference to a heel turn if you ask me.
  2. Just giving a soon to be smarky crowd another name to chant when Romey Rome wins.
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  3. ..hotel rooms being expensive......
  4. I see Punk returning by WM 35, tbh. He will come back someday, wrestling is in his blood.
  5. Maybe Cena is joining the UFC
  6. Wrong. He's not from a wrestling family. Alcoholism is in his blood tho
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  7. You took wrestling is in his bloody too literally I'm guessing. Alcoholism was funny though, you old Jeritroll you.
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  8. I don't know who that guy is, but another return would be pretty cool.. If he's good, they could use him for WrestleMania since half the roster is out.

    That guy looks like a hockey player though.
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  9. I highly doubt CM Punk is returning anytime soon, if at all.
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  10. I did find it strange that they have been randomly playing CM Punk Best in the World movie on WWE network
  11. Okay, Y2J.
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  12. Punk wouldn't go to WWE for a while. Probably have a few US indy runs and a NJPW run then he would likely come back
  13. And now Cena's posted Taker's pic on his IG. WM match confirmed?

  14. I think he is trolling us now lol
  15. I can't see what Punk and Undertaker have in common. I mean if this is like a riddle... The heck could this mean?
  16. Isn't Cena's instagram just a whole collection of troll posts?
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  17. CM Punk vs Undertaker vs John Cena @ WM CONFIRMED! :brockderp:

    Three people in the match ~ three sides to a triangle... JUST SAYIN :henry2:
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  18. He posts on day to day things so him posting the picture of Undertaker can mean he just seen or talked to him lol
  19. Punk isn't coming back this year. Cena is just fucking with everyone. If punk did come back this year though... I would mark the fuck out and that could easily change some of the landscape
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