CM Punk reveals why he doesn't tweet positive fan comments.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Not even sure if this is thread worthy.
  2. I've seen worse threads Crayo.
  3. What a meanie..

    this is why CENA is GOAT. He's nice, loves children and can beat anyone up!

  4. Twitter. :haha:
  5. Twitter. :haha:
  6. Quoting the fail.
  7. I understand why he does this but still its a shame he wont repy to nice tweets
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  8. So if i tweet him that the real best in the world is the american dragon Bryan Danielson he will tweet me back? :-)
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  9. Do it and find out. Also mention Austin Aries :smug:
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  10. Don't forget to say AJ Styles is the GOAT :true:
  11. The REAL reason : Phil is an ***hole, he don't like to pretend he's not.
  12. He's just an attention whore, he likes to have attention, so of course making negative comments will get more responses and more spotlight then making nice comments.
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  13. YEsssss someone knows what i'm talking about!


    LAWL For real though Have you guys seen the matches punk and bryan had before they were in the E? ... That is a link to them in a Ring Of Honor match. It's amazing to see them then and now
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  14. He may as well be a stripper!

    He's mean, rude and ungrateful but damn... Can he wrestle! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  15. THIS.
  16. Yep, I saw matches between them before, and they were very impressive. And yeah, even if he does crave attention, he is a great wrestler. That personality is also worthy for a great heel too.
  17. Ahhhh real wrastlin' fans *relaxes and smiles*. Passed all my tests! Here to stay!
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  18. The plan worked :yay: Daniel tonight we feast!!
    :goatface: "YES YES YES" :yes:
  19. lol love that Smiley... Not even the most perfect hunny is sweeter than Daniel Bryans beard haha
  20. Then you're in for a treat, we have four Daniel Bryan smilies :yes: :no: :goatface: :bitw:
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