CM Punk & Roddy Piper Responds To The "Top 25 on the Mic" List

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, May 27, 2012.

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  1. CM Punk:


    Roddy Piper:

  2. This is why I can't hate Punk. I can't see him happy with his current character when he tweets like this.

    Piper I'd definitely have put up top with Austin second.

    No idea how HHH made the list.
  3. HHH made the list because, you know... the fellows at like having a job, I guess. I agree that Piper should be first too.
  4. It's only a matter of time before Punk does something interesting again. You can tell he hates the character he has to play.
  5. I hope he does. Things would get interesting again. But I'm afraid it won't happen... I just don't see Punk changing the way things are. He's became the Cena, the guy that's always promoted, the guy that's always with the title. Would I like to see him complaining about it on screen again? Yes, but I don't think he'll do it.
  6. Sadly he is just now. Still, I have faith that he will do something soon enough.

    Why's Punk so irritated by Piper not being top? I agree he should be but Punk loves Austin and Austin is great on the mic. If I was gonna complain about anything it would be how ridiculously high John Cena is on the list. Given some of the crappy promos he's delivered he should be no higher than 14/15 IMO.
  7. I think he agrees with us on the point that Piper's a better mic worker than Austin. And I want him to drop another real pipebomb.
  8. I get the feeling he will do when he fueds with someone shit/overated. His fueds since winning the title have been: Del Rio, Ziggler, Jericho and D-Bry and he seems to respect them too much as workers to drop a "Pipebomb".
  9. I don't see Punk changing. He's the guy atm, they don't want the top guy to be associated with that sort of character.
  10. We need someone doing something big for things to get interesting again. :upset:
  11. Barrett's return :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. That would be great, I hope they don't screw that up too.
  13. Can't believe that Macho Man is at #11 and Hulk Hogan at #13, bullshit..
    These two are one of the best talkers in WWE.

    Where is HBK? Why isn't he on the list? They could've scrapped Marella or Foley for HBK..
  14. Hulk is no where near Savage imo.
  15. What's Punk gonna shoot on this time?

    Maybe he'll shoot on the fact he's had the WWE title way too long.

    Maybe he should go back to the Indy's. Bye Bro, nobody likes half of your WWE work anyways.

    Punk is a talent, but has far too many shortcomings to b**** to people the way he does
  16. I was trying to point out that both of them should be in the top 10. Maybe even the top 5.
  17. There are lots, lots of great mic workers.
  18. Hogan shouldn't be top 5 at all, he's not amazing on the mic.
  19. Hogan = wrestling.
    He always pumped everyone up in his promo's.

    Even you should know that. :downer:
  20. Yes but that doesn't make him one of the best mic workers in that list. There's plenty who were better (IMO) on the mic.
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