CM Punk ROH Promo

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  1. He says he is better than AJ Styles. Can this be the reason AJ Styles told him to cover up his shirt?:pity:

  2. I suppose it could be the reason, when he mentions AJ being the NWA champ especially. The basic story is, during the early days of TNA and ROH they had a talent sharing agreement, both companies used a group of guys. Then the Rob Feinstein shit happened and they severed ties. All guys basically chose sides, Punk stayed with ROH whilst AJ and Daniels went to TNA. This promo hints that if they had stuck together, rather than picking sides they could have worked for both companies still. AJ was the NWA champ at the time, bare in mind this was the world title in TNA at the time. So if he had encouraged the higher ups it would have been good for the company the agreement could have stayed.
  3. Bitchy Punk.
  4. pretty awesome lol :pity:
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