CM Punk Shoots On TNA - Calls it an indy promotion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2012.

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  2. inb4Dolph'srages
  3. inb4 butthurt TNA fans
  4. Punk is the last person to give an honest opinion on TNA tbh, secondly he and Joe are like butt buddies so this was probably a friendly rib.
  5. Knowing how much Punk likes to troll people and cause a stir and how good friends he is with Joe this was probably just a friendly rip at Joe.
  6. Whilst we're on the Joe subject, do you think he'll ever be in WWE?
  7. Hopefully not, he's only just got his head back on in TNA.
  8. It all depends on circumstance I think. If Joe could stay with his head in the game like he has now and keep his ring work up and actually get himself noticed by WWE and they being willing to use him I could see it happen. Highly unlikely though.
  9. Punk being a douche, wow, color me surprised...
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  10. :isee: He does show up live in living colour every week....
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  11. IT is an independent promotion, it's apart from WWE.
  12. Samoa Joe is awesome and the Indy's are a great environment to be yourself. I don't think WWE is for everyone, even if he is friends with Punk and John. I think Joe is the person to pose this question.
  13. No, but I will colour you surprised.
  14. :isee:
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  15. Still awaiting Dolphs rage comment.
  16. Who cares what Punk says. Anyone with a brain knows TNA is not an Indy promotion
  17. :haha, someone cue crayo. TNA > WWE. Samoa Joe > Punk, and punk is way down the list.

    Let's be serious.
    AA>Roode>DB>DZ>Angle>Joe>Y2J>styles>storm>sooooo many others. Please add more without me laughing and adding more TNA in.

    TNA > WWE.
  18. lmao, this is a great quote: Watch my older video I said F*** ALL TIME WHEN I PISS!

    someone link me to the thread it came from
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